Work ethic.

Well good evening beautiful people. I hope your Tuesday has been filled with happy moments and positive notes. How long have you worked? Shew Lordy I think about that question and realize I have worked for over 28 years. From the time I was 14 years old I have held a job. And since the age of 18 I have always had more than one. It’s just who I am and what I do. Honestly, I don’t regret it. And I came by it honest. Work Ethhic ! What a phrase. I grew up around a family of workers. My daddy was on of the hardest working people I ever knew. He was just geared to work. My momma was the same way. From morning to night she worked. She worked hard. Every day , even though sometimes I am tired, I am so thankful that I was raised by parents that taught me a good work ethic. I feel that I am teaching my son the same.

Last week I was asked a question and I’m not sure if it was posed as a true question, sympathy, a jab at me, sarcasm, or just because they wanted to simply understand. The question was simply “how do you continue to work multiple jobs and not get burnt out or tired?” The truth is, I do get burnt out. I do get tired. But, my reason, work ethic. I remember one thing that my daddy said to me when I was maybe 20 years old. I remember I was completely frustrated with the job I was working and the demands. The words he said to me I still hear every single day. “I don’t care if you make $2.00 per hour or $200.00 per hour you work the same. You work hard. You keep your ears open and your mouth shut and you will learn. You just work hard.” It is the truth. I have lived those words and tried to pride myself in my work ethic. One thing that I think anyone can say about me is that I am a hard worker and I can never be put in a category of lazy.

I have a question for you. Do you ever find yourself working next to someone with no work ethic? Someone who seems to find every excuse not to do the task at hard? I certainly have and it infuriates me. I truly loathe laziness. Someone with their hand out but not wanting to put in the work to get the prize. Y’all I gotta work on my attitude about this. I mean seriously. The way I feel about it is something that I have to be in prayer about. In my opinion seeing that type of laziness makes you (the hard worker, the go getter) just want to give up. Well I want to encourage you to do something. I am saying this to myself too okay. First, step back and look at the person. Even though the lack of work ethic is driving you nuts, there is something of value to this person. It may not be much but, they do have something to give. Figure out their talent and try to work from that. Use what they can do to try to help them become a better worker. Who knows maybe no one has ever taught them. Maybe there is some type of depression or fear that they are dealing with that causes the laziness. In fact it may not be laziness at all and could be social anxiety. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’m not saying this for us to be enablers but I am saying it so that we can become encouragers. It could make a huge difference in the persons life. And, if you are like me and have such low tolerance for this type of work ethic, you just gotta pray lol. Not just for them but for yourself. As I say dear sweet baby Jesus please be with me today so that there will be no throat punching lol. Just kidding.

For the rest of the week, when you encounter someone with little to no work ethic, vow to be the better person. Continue to bust your tail. Ignore the negative comments (because it’s just jealousy). Take a deep breath. Say a little prayer. And try to find the good in that situation. I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday evening and rest of your week. ❤️Always.


Carry out

Good evening everyone and happy Monday evening. It’s a new week and a fresh start. Let’s begin it with positive thoughts and the courage to tackle any obstacle ahead of you. You know, one thing that I have missed so much during this year long pandemic has been going out to dinner. Can you believe that we have been in this craziness for an entire year. Wow. I mean in my heart I felt like this would have been over much sooner than this. Anyway back to my story. My husband and I just love going out to eat. We were regulars at several restaurants in out area. We really have tried to be patrons at locally owned restaurants rather than the chains. Do you do that in your area? Are there a lot of family owned restaurants where you live? There are several here. We live in what we call the Tri-cities. We are within 10 to 15 minutes of 3 cities and each city has its own unique set of locally owned food joints. These owners work so hard to make your dining experience as perfect as possible. I just cant imagine being consumed with those worries and having little to no time off.

Over the last couple of months most restaurants in our area have opened back to at least half capacity. We have begun to get back out some and it’s sad to say that a few of the local restaurants were not able to survive the closure. The ones that did survive informed us that they wouldn’t have made it if not for carry out. We did order from several places for curbside and I am so thankful that we did. There is a true family owned Italian restaurant in our area where we frequent. I know the owner and he and I spoke that last time that we were there. He said that his typical Christmas season was full of parties and in years past were booked so full that they literally had to turn parties away. This year he had none. NONE. Due to the restrictions of large gatherings, the companies that typically used their restaurant for parties did not book this year. How sad is that. I know that we have all complained about how hard Covid has been on us personally but, think about how very difficult it has been on these restaurant owners. His words to me were “if things don’t pick up, I’m not sure how much longer we can do it”. I cant imagine not being able to go there for dinner. I was just so sad and I wished there were something more that I could do.

This isn’t the only restaurant that this is happening to. Another place in our downtown area where we were frequent fliers has not been able to get the “normal” staff back to work. Because of this the service is completely different. The last time that we visited and were able to get a table, the service was not very good as we waited more than an hour for our food. The usual bartender is there no longer and the replacement needs a few more lessons. The menu was cut in half which was due to being able only to seat at half capacity. It’s just not a winning situation. Because I really love their food and atmosphere, we will go back but, I know many others who will not. This in return could cause them to close their doors. You see it’s not just the lack of patrons that can cause the closings. It’s the lack of good workers that can cause patrons not to come. If the pandemic hadn’t happened, the wonderful employees would have been able to stay and it would have been great business as usually. Folks working in the food industry typically can not go months without a paycheck, They have to move on to something else.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all as a country came together and really just whole heartedly supported local restaurants? Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if we poured as much time and energy in to our businesses as we have with all of the political garbage and pandemic fear. They would just thrive. Now please don’t get me wrong I am not a person who believes that the virus isn’t real or isn’t terrible. I’ve know too many people that have had it or even lost loved ones due to it. I’m not at all saying it should be ignored but I am saying it is time to start helping our brothers and sisters in the food industry. Maybe I am strange but, I actually love to see people succeed. Think about this, as I have said before, pretty much everything that we do revolves around food. It does. Family get togethers, food. Date night, food. Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, food. Staying in for movie night, food. Everything that we do at some point there is food. So instead of running out to a chain and grabbing a taco or a burger why not try to order from a locally owned restaurant. Most all have curbside and take out if you don’t want to dine in. I just feel like it would make a difference if we all gave it a try. Before you say it, I understand that some of the local restaurants are more expensive than your typical drive through but most of them are running take out specials and I promise that 99 percent of the time the food quality is so much better. Besides if you are eating your lunch out every day at a chain drive through by the end of the week you’ve paid out enough to have one good meal at a locally owned restaurant. Grab some cans of soup or a loaf of bread and some deli meat to take for lunch. The reward of the “good” meal is definitely worth it.

I hope that this has given us all something to think about. Is there a local family waned restaurant in your area that you would just hate to see close? Do yourself and them a favor, call in some take out or if you feel safe visit them for your dinner this week. Tip the staff. Remember they may have not been able to bring home a paycheck during all of this. Grab a gift card or two to have to give to someone from these places. Support your local folks. You will be so glad you did. We live in the greatest country in the world. It’s a country where we can do anything t all if we believe we can. It’s time we start smiling on and supporting our brothers and sister in the restaurant business. I hope that you will this week. Have a wonderful evening and a blessed rest of the week. ❤️Always

Good ole sayin’s

Hello and Happy Saturday. Hope your day has been fabulous. I just loved thinking about everything that I wanted to post in this blog. Lordy Lou the memories. If you all are like me you were partially raised by your grandparents, or in my case papaw and mamaw. My little sister and I spent almost every weekend at their house. I think my momma was more than happy to get rid of us when we would ask if we could go. Because we stayed with them so much, we were around a ton of “old people”. The sayings that they would come out with were so funny. Do you have or remember some “old sayin’s” from years gone by? I hope that tonight’s blog makes you think about those old words but moreover makes you think about some people who are no longer with you.

My papaw was as old school as they come. I mean country. He grew up in a little town in North Carolina and his daddy worked for a logging company. In other words college educations were not necessary and in some cases neither were middle or high school completions. Although he wasn’t a college graduate he was smarter that most folks I know with a PhD. Street smart and common sense are sometimes more priceless than anything you can learn from a lecture or a book. He was full of old sayings. He use to scratch his ears with a car key lol. How he didn’t bust his ear drum I will never know. His phrase was “ My year is a eachin”. Lol. To this day my sister and I say it. And it was so funny hearing it come from his little gruff voice. He was 5’5 and barely weighs 95 pounds. You would get tickled just looking at him. He also called soda “dope”. He would say “I’ve got to go down here to the Food Lion we’re out of dopes”. He meant his Dr. Pepper. That little saying could be embarrassing sometimes because people who didn’t know him were not quite sure what he was talking about. There are so many I remember but, one I will never forget is when my little sister or I would say a “bad” word papaw saying “now that’s not nice of a little girl” lol. He never got mad. He would just say that in almost a whisper.

My grandmothers name was Martha. It was a beautiful elegant name for someone of her age. It suited her as she was always dressed to the nines and her hair and make up were always perfect. However; those that really knew our family called her “Marthie”. That is what our papaw called her. Even their neighbors called her that because of him. She also had her own little sayings. When we answer the phone we all typically say “hello” or “this is ……” but, not her. I so miss wringing her home phone and hearing “meyello” when she picked up. She would also say “I’ll swear” when you were telling her a big dramatic story.

My husband and I were talking about all of these sayings and he told me a few of the ones he remembers. By the way, you should talk about this with your spouse. You will have a really good laugh and you will learn so much about their family. I never met my husbands dad as he passed away before we were together. I do however feel like I know him because my husband talks about him so much. He said on thing that his dad always said when he was leaving to go somewhere was “I’ll be back dreckly”. It’s suppose to mean “directly”. See y’all. I told you we are from the country. He would also say “I’m as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs” lol. I got so tickled when my husband told me that one.

Even our aunts and uncles had some sayings. When my husband would ask his uncle Victor how he was he was he would say “fair to midlin”. What does that even mean? My aunt Ellen was a great, quaint person. She never had any children but she loved us very much. She was so artsy and she really “lived”. She did arts and crafts at the senior center and lived to be 94 years old. She was amazing. Her husband passed away many years before she did so she would often go on trips with us. My daddy was her baby brother and they had a great relationship. The one saying I remember from her had a bad word in it lol. We would get in the car to travel. She would always sit in the back seat with us. As soon as we would pull out and get on the road she would say “We’re off in cloud of horse shit”. Blahaha I have no clue where it came from or what it meant but it was so funny.

There are so so many more. “Get you a hone of that” i.e. “get a drink of that”. “Finer than a frogs hair” i.e. “I’m doing just fine”. We could go on and on. Are there “old sayin’s” that you remember from your childhood? Do you still say them? Tonight is the perfect time to have this discussion with your family. It will give you all a good laugh. If there are any that you would like to share please do so in the comments. We all need a good laugh. I hope tonight’s blog brought some happiness and food memories to your evening. ❤️Always.

Pen on paper.

Good Friday evening sweet people. I hope that your week has been fabulous. We Did It! It’s the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. Mostly not to set that alarm clock in the morning. I want to ask a question. When is the last time you received a letter in the mail? I mean a true, handwritten note from a friend or an acquaintance. It’s been a while hasn’t it. It’s so much easier to pull up and email address and type a few things and hit send. Grab your phone and send out a quick text. Can I just say how “personal” it is to receive a letter or card that someone has hand written. In my heart I believe, and I have said this before, everything that you do should begin by being personal. Nothing is anything if it’s not personal.

I remember when I was in middle and high school (it was a pretty long time ago) the big thing to do was write letters to each other. We use to literally get into trouble for writing letters while we were suppose to be paying attention in class. I had the same little boyfriend for 4 years in high school and I believe he gave me a handwritten note every day. I looked forward to them. One thing I remember is that he had beautiful handwriting and he was a lefty. He also folded them strange. Don’t ask me how it just sort of was folded into a square and it had a flap to pull to open it. Isn’t it funny how we remember things like that. I believe I still have them somewhere in my mommas attic. I should pull them out some day and have a good laugh.

Do you remember receiving birthday or Christmas cards from a loved one? My grandmother comes to mind. She always wrote in the cards. Not just “love, mamaw”. (Yes we called her mamaw. I’m from the south remember.) She wrote sentences. I have literally been with her when she went to the Halmark store to pick out a card for someone. It was a long drawn out process people. I believe she read every card in the section. She had to pick out the right card for the right person and the right occasion. It use to get on my nerves so bad. Here I was a 7 year old wanting to get over to the toy store but instead I was waiting for my mamaw to read every flippin card in the store. I remember once I took over a box of “all occasion” cards trying to convince her that if she bought the variety box that she wouldn’t have to worry about coming to pick one out so often. If looks could have killed y’all then you wouldn’t have been reading this blog. To her there was nothing more personal or important than a hand picked card. Oh how I wish she were still here so that I could receive a card from her. They just don’t make sweet little women like that anymore.

This past year, when the Covid garbage started, I bought some blank cards from Amazon and I just started sending them to people randomly. I didn’t write a ton in them and I tried to make sure they were just positive. Can I just say that I got more joy out of it then the folks receiving them probably did. Yes, I bought the variety pack of cards (sorry mamaw), but they were neat and unique. I had several people message me once they received the cards and they were so thankful. I plan to begin sending them again this week. You should give it a try. It is so much fun to find the different types of cards to purchase. There are so many varieties of the ones that are blank inside. Pick ones that will remind the person of you. If you have a Tuesday Morning store near you they have tons of boxed variety cards for about 6 dollars. Stamps are pretty cheap as well. I promise you will get as much joy out of it as I do. Sometimes the recipient even sends one back to you. It’s so exciting to go to the mailbox and get something besides bills and junk. I challenge you to try to send one card or note a week. Brighten and lift others up. Your card may be exactly what that person needs to get them through a tough day or stretch in their life. It means so much. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening and an amazing weekend. ❤️Always

Finish the race.

Happy Wednesday night everyone. Sorry for such a late blog post but today was super busy for me. I hope your week has been marvelous. Have you ever started something and simply not finished it? I think we can all raise our hand right here. You know that feeling when get ready to begin something new, all the excitement, the brainstorming, the planning, the sheer joy of how it’s going to turn out. Then you go to sleep and you wake and you sleep and you wake until finally that “thing” that seemed so important doesn’t matter that much any more. Was it really that that important to begin with? Or was it just hope? One of my favorite words, hope, because its meaning is so deep. I feel like, no matter what we start, we should finish the race. No matter what. It may be as simple as getting the house cleaned in one day or vowing to make 2 days a week a healthy meal day, or walking one mile when we really don’t feel like it, or in my case working towards a 42 mile ultramarathon in September. We should “finish the race”. I don’t even want to be known as the person that never completes anything. I’m sure no one does.

As a young adult I knew a man that was one of those folks that would start a project and never complete it. He started to pull up carpet to refinish floors and only half of the carpet got removed. He decided to repaint a bathroom and ended up with an accent wall lol. He started to immaculately landscape his yard and he ended up with some shrubs and a few little pansies in front of one window. Nothing that he ever did, did he ever complete. I use to think that he was just terrible. But, as I got older, I begin to wonder why he started all of these wonderful things that he never completed. It dawned on me that maybe he “needed” the feeling of excitement and anticipation. He needed something to look forward to. He needed “hope”. It’s sad really. Later on I learned that he had struggled with a little bit of depression and I just started to encourage all of his inspirations as much as possible. I think everyone needs encouragement and hope. Everyone needs to “finish the race”.

When I stop and think about how many things I want to do and how many projects I want to tackle I get so giddy. My mind goes a hundred miles a minute and I want to just jump in head first. I have learned to take a day or two to think about the project before I begin. I’ve learned to be more organized and to plan correctly. I make certain that I have the time needed allotted because, lets face it, we are all extremely busy. I check to make sure I have the supplies that I need to do the project. I also make sure I have my team of encouragers or helpers in place to make sure I can complete what I am beginning. Weather you want to admit it or not, having a tribe to encourage you and have your back makes a huge difference. Accountability is huge and will keep us on track.

Do you have a goal? Is there something that you just really want to do?Is it to become healthier or to run a 5k or marathon? Is it to read a certain book or paint your kitchen? Are you working towards being a better spouse, parent, Christian or friend? Do you want to open a boutique or just get a job that you will love every day? Whatever it is plan and strive to “finish the race”. I say this all the time but, this little tiny amazingly wonderful life that we live goes by so quickly. It is meant to LIVE not to just sit and be a miserable cow lol. I am a firm believer that there is not anything that a person can not accomplish if they set their mind to it. Our bodies can endure so much more than we give it credit for. Our minds are so much deeper than any thought we ever dreamed we could have. You CAN do it if you set your mind to it.

Do you have some encouragement to share with our friends? Do you have a success story? Anything that we can share with each other to encourage someone to “finish their race” is so helpful. Let those around you know that you are on their team. Be a part of a tribe that lifts each other and helps each other reach their goals. Whatever it is that you are wanting to do or beginning, I am so proud of you and have complete faith that you can “finish your race”. ❤️Always


Integrity. You know I was almost 8 years old when I found out what this word meant. I will never forget how I learned. My little sister and I had a record player in our bedroom. I believe it was my momma’s and it only played 45’s. We had gotten a little record from a church class that we attended on Wednesday nights from time to time with our babysitter Helen. We just loved going with her. She went to The Salvation Army Church at the end of her street and my sister and I went to the children’s class. We were “Sunbeam’s”. Gosh what memories that just brought back but, that’s a story for another time. Look at me being all like Rose from the Golden Girls starting one story and getting lost in another one lol. Anyways……the little record that we got was a sing along story record. Now I can’t remember the entire story but, I remember that it was about integrity. I remember the lady telling the story had a beautiful voice and she sang a song that said “integrity means being honest in all that you do”. I still have the tune to that little song in my old brain. After listening to the record I thought to myself “how many fibs have I told today”? When we were little we fibbed to keep from getting in trouble. We thought we were so good. We thought we were getting away with everything. You know something, my momma was some kind of private investigator or had camera’s in our room or something. That woman knew everything. Then she would ask us knowing we were gonna lie so she could catch us in it. She was like the warden. Lol

Isn’t it funny how you think about the little white lies you told when you were a kid. They may have been funny and cute back then but as you get older you better nip that stuff in the bud. How difficult is it to regain someone’s trust after being dishonest? I bet if we took a poll on that a lot of folks would say they were never able to trust that person again. On top of that, even as a grown person, the truth will always come forward. It isn’t just my momma that is a private investigator. We all are. We are geared this way. We’ve all had someone show no integrity around us and for that reason we’ve all become untrusting. It’s sad really but, that’s just how it is. Let’s not get started about the snowball effect that happens when you start out with a tiny fib. By the time it’s over with you are beginning to believe yourself lol.

I want to tell on myself for a second because this story sort of hits it on the head as to what having no integrity can do to ya. When I was in middle school I absolutely hated math. To be honest I still don’t care for it and unfortunately that little trait has rubbed off on my son. I had the worst, most hateful math teacher when I was in 6th grade. I dreaded going to that class every day. About the second six weeks in, I pretty much gave up. Now, I’m from a time period and town where they mailed your report card home to your parents. Our daddy was a pretty fair man and he was okay with A’s, B’s and C’s but, bring home a D or and F and your tail was in trouble. Our mailman ran between 3:30 and 4 every day. For an entire week I camped out at the front door waiting on the mailman to come. I knew I HAD to get that report card before my daddy did. I knew without a doubt I had a D in that math class and I had no explanation for my poor grade. Well I got that report card and I went to my room and took a pencil and changed that D to a B. Y’all it worked. Sort of. I got by with it. Well, for 6 weeks I got by with it. My dumb ass (sorry for the bad word) forgot that the next report card showed all of the previous grades from the 6 weeks prior. Shew doggies I got my tail busted and he was pissed off every 6 weeks for the rest of that year. But the one thing he said I will never forget, was that he was more mad that I tried to lie about it. I had no integrity. For years I truly believe that my daddy took an eraser and went over my report cards making sure I wasn’t trying to pull one over on him again. You see, the truth came to light and so did my dishonesty.

No I know we are all guilty of not giving all of the information about situations. We all tell a little white lie every once in a while. We all sinners lol. But, do you know how important it is to be a person of integrity? Do you realize how important it is to be truthful and honest? How many people do you know that have ruined their chance in a job or a relationship because of not telling the truth? Think about it. I mean for real “The Truth Will Set you Free”. Whatever you do this week, do it with integrity. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening and a great week ahead. ❤️Always


Good evening everyone and happy Thursday! For a lot of us it’s almost over. One more day to the work week. I debated on this post for a bit and then I thought you know what I’m gonna lol. So, I want to apologize from the start for my vegan friends. You probably want to stop right here and just wait for tomorrows post. I don’t want to offend anyone so if you keep on reading then it is your decision lol. Can we just all stop for a moment and admit how much we LOVE bacon? I mean why is it so freakin good? Probably because it is so bad for you. But, I really think bacon, and pork for that matter, gets such a bad wrap. I mean it’s a little fat pig and if we think for one second that a big cow is any better for us then I think we are probably wrong. I don’t know, maybe I’m just trying to justify my love for the stuff.

I grew up with a daddy who was an avid hunter and what he killed, we ate. For that matter he also had a farm and what he harvested we ate. We were introduced to deer meat and fresh sausage probably before we were introduced to baby food. Our dad was a member of a local Rod and Gun Club as well as the Outdoorsmen Club. Hunting, Fishing, and farming were just part of his life and in return was a part of ours. You can rest assured that the foods that we ate were not full of growth hormones, preservatives, or were processed. Now I will admit that I was never able to go “hunting” per say. In fact I will go with my son and take my book just to have a little time with him. But, venison is one of the healthiest most lean meats that you can consume. And if you cook it correctly it doesn’t taste like wild game at all. It’s all in the marinade baby. I remember Dad saying to me when I started having so much trouble with my belly (it’s the devil remember) “if you cant grow it or hunt it you shouldn’t eat it”. Hmmm kinda makes sense. Never mind that he was telling me this all while eating his Treet meat sandwich lol. Y’all I don’t know what’s in that stuff but, I’m betting it wasn’t harvested lol.

Back to the pork dilemma. My question is, why does it get such a bad wrap? I mean its all so delicious. I absolutely LOVE breakfast. I typically don’t eat until 2 pm or after but more often than not breakfast is my go to for dinner. I love eggs and bacon. But sausage and ham, well they all scream breakfast to me. I know that some religions don’t allow you to eat pork (shew glad I didn’t choose that religion) and some people prefer to be vegan but, y’all I can’t. I just seriously can’t. I currently have a coworker who is allergic to pork. He seriously will break out if he eats it. I mean think about that. Think about all of the things that contain pork. I mean that is life without pork bbq, pork ribs, sausage, pork rinds, and of course bacon. How does he survive? Bless his heart.

With all that being said I truly feel like it is okay to have an 80/20 diet. I eat low carb so I can have all the pork I want. But, if you are a person who watches your fat intake or calories, I really think its okay to have something yummy every once in a while. How do you all feel about “the other white meat” lol? Do you have a favorite pork dish? If you do please do me a favor and share it. Just share it in the comments so that we can call benefit. I’m always looking for ways to use my favorite meat. And in the photo below I have shared a very very good way to use bacon. Have a great night and I hope that your morning tomorrow is filled with plenty of bacon ❤️Always

Coat the bacon liberally and bake it in the oven until crisp. Enjoy!


Good afternoon and happy Wednesday. I hope that you are all having a great week so far. Tonight I want to touch on a subject that is very close to my heart. Have you ever thought about what you do to encourage others? A good job or a confirmation of something that someone else is attempting is often exactly what he or she needs to be able to complete the task. To me encouragement is different than just being nice. It is an affirmation that you recognize the efforts that someone is putting forth. Every day I see the difference in people that are positively motivated and the ones that are torn down or talked nasty to. I mean I guess there are those folks that do better by getting told off and made feel small but, for me I see better results by being an encourager. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times that I need a drill Sargent in my life. Like when I want to stop and walk the last half mile of my run, I need someone to yell at me. Even at that I need them to yell “you can do it”, not “you’re a fat ass and you suck”. (Sorry for the language. Oopsie). Or for example when I get an extra plate of food when I should already be full. I seriously need a drill Sargent to scrape the cracker off my tongue and say “put the fork down” lol.

I have had a job from the time that I was 14 years old. I mean my daddy didn’t raise no lazy children. We worked. All four of us. We still do. Like mad. My very first job was a hostess/waitress at a local, family owned Italian restaurant where we frequently ate. My dad was friends with the owner and Mr. Amato put me to work as soon as daddy told him I needed a job. He was a kind but stern gentle old italian man who taught me so many things. In the evenings, after all of the customers had left, he would make me a plate of food and we would sit in a booth and I would just let him talk so that I could listen. He had the heaviest italian accent and I loved that little man like my grandfather. He was an encourager. His son on the other hand was just the opposite and even though I learned a few things from the younger Amato, I will never forget the lessons taught by his gentle father. I definitely responded much better to the encourager.

For years I worked in the dental field where I was a dental assistant and then a bit later an office coordinator. I worked at 3 different offices over my 23 years in dentistry and let me tell ya the difference was huge. I went from my first being a huge encourager who taught me how to save and how to go for the gusto. He was a poster child for the saying “you can do anything you set your mind to” to totally different. The second was totally the opposite but, even though we fought like sister and brother I stayed with him for 11 years. Although he could control your day by what his demeanor was when he walked in the door, he still taught me loyalty and how to check it at the door when you walked in. The last practice that I worked for was a father/son office. I’ve known these two for a very long time and I love them very much. Even though they were a lot alike they were also extremely different. At the end of the day their hearts were made of gold.

What I am trying to get you to see with all of that history of my working life is that people are all different and sometimes when you feel like you aren’t being treated the way you would like maybe, just maybe you need to try to be the encourager. In this case, your boss may be a poo but, maybe he or she hasn’t had a single ounce of encouragement in many years. I mean they are the boss they are suppose to encourage their employees right? Um, wrong. I can tell you that many times when my dentist walked in the door and I felt a sucky day comin on, I could walk to his office and say something positive and “encourage” him to do the same to the patients or another employee. 90 % of the time it worked people. To find something that they do really well and remind them of it is a game changer. Now I know the last thing you want to say to a big poo is something positive. I get it. It isn’t easy. But, just once, try it. It will make you both feel better.

For the rest of the week I challenge you to be an “encourager”. Every day find someone who appears to need it and let them have it. No negative. Just encouragement. Let them know what they are great at. And if you cant find something then just compliment their outfit or shoes or something lol. Also, think about yourself tonight, What are you good at? I bet if you think about it you are great at so much more than you give yourself credit for. I hope that you have a wonderful night. Many many blessings. ❤️ Always

Netflix series worth watching.

Have any of you all gotten hooked on a Netflix series? I wish I could say that I hadn’t. I find that I only watch about two cable channels anymore. I’m just not a huge fan of reality shows. I typically stick to HGTV and Food Network. My husband on the other had watches EVERY sports channel available. I mean seriously to the point that I’m not sure if Eli Manning hit a homerun for 3 points from the foul line lol. Obviously I have no idea what I’m talking about. We subscribed to Netflix through our Roku box about a year ago. For the longest time I didn’t even know how to use the remote lol. Let me tell ya I love Netflix. First off there are no commercials ( I know you have to earn your money but do you have to show 15 commercials every 10 minutes), second I can narrow my search to the type of program that I like to watch, and third there are always Christmas movies on there to choose from

My husband absolutely loves all of the investigative discovery programs offered. But, I must say I fell in love with two series. First is one about a Sheriff living and working near and Indian reservation. This series is not extremely long and I believe that my son has watched it about 5 times all the way through. There is obviously some violence and police situations in this series but other than that a some mild language it is great. No nudity and adult situations. I just loved it. If you have netflix and have some time, go and watch Longmire. We absolutely loved it. Like I said, it is not a ton of episodes and you could pretty much binge watch it in a weekend. You won’t regret it. I promise.

The other series that I just love is much longer. In fact, I am no where near finished watching it all. I just keep coming back to it. Every night when I go to bed it’s just what I want to turn on. Actually, don’t watch it at night or you will be like me. You will look up and it’s 3 am because you have gotten so consumed. Does anyone remember or LOVE the movie from the 80’s Pretty In Pink? It was and is still today my favorite movie of all time. I literally have watched it so much that the DVD is almost worn out. I could quote the lines. Well if you are a fan of the movie like me do you remember Steph? You know the preppie asshole that forever gave Andi and Blaine crap about wanting to be a couple? Well he is one of the main characters in what is my favorite series to date. And if you remember him as the jerk in our favorite 80’s movie, he looks nothing like he did but still has the same demeanor. Only this time you will completely fall in love with him. To me he is the same just older……..and bald. I can still see that young handsome face from the “Steph” that I always knew. People, if you haven’t watched it you MUST watch “The Black List”. I think we are in season 2. I can not stop watching it and have seriously considered staying in my pj’s for a day, ordering pizzas and having a Netflix and chill day. It’s just that good. Fall in love with “Steph” in a different way as he portrays “Raymond Reddington” in The Blank List. I want to warn you, you won’t be able to cut it off. You can thank me later.

Do you have a Netflix series that you just couldn’t stop watching? One that you watched more than once? Were you having a Netflix and chill quarantine? If so please comment and let us know which ones you loved. I am sure that everyone is curious as to what to start watching next. I hope that your weekend has been absolutely fabulous. Thank you for reading todays blog. ❤️Always

Good keto/low carb soup

Welcome to the weekend!!!! Oh how I live for them. One thing that I do on the weekend is cook. I cook during the week as well but usually I throw something in the crock pot so that it’s ready when I get home. I work three jobs (yes, I said 3). I work a 40 plus hour week at my “regular” job as well as 2 part time jobs. No complaints here. I love them all. I just don’t have a lot of time to cook a big meal. And. I absolutely love cooking and being in my kitchen. On these cold winter night’s one of my favorite meals is soup. It warms my insides. Soup is sooo good but most soups are full of carbohydrates and even sugar. Broccoli cheese soup is one of my favorites but there is about 25 carbs in a cup and a half of the goodness. All I could ever ask myself is why cant there be some soup, besides broth, that isn’t so full of carbs and that tastes good? Over the last year I have searched and searched for low carb soup recipes and folks they are few and far between. Actually let me rephrase that. There are not many that tase better than mud.

A few months ago after some trials and searching my favorite go to information site (Pinterest), I finally found one that I love. Before I had tummy issues and I didn’t care what I put in my body, my favorite place to go to dinner was Olive Garden. Pasta and bread and I’m ready for my food coma. I mean I would walk outta there with my sweater looking like a busted can of biscuits lol. The one item on the menu that I HAD to have every visit was the Zappa Tuscana Soup. My mouth waters right now just thinking about it. It was full of sausage, potatoes, kale, and yummy broth. I would let them pile about a half a pound of grated cheese on top of that deliciousness and dip those salty, garlicky bread sticks in and clean the bowl. Now, did that give you a visual? Is your mouth watering yet? If you haven’t tried it take a cheat day and RUN don’t walk and get some. Well a few years of eating meals like that and I found myself at 210 pounds. Then I found a low carb lifestyle and my road therapy. Soon I could see my feet again. I missed Zappa Tuscana soup way too much.

Well beautiful people I finally found it. The best low card Zappa Tuscana soup that I have ever tried. The best part of it all, you throw it in the crock pot and let it simmer all day. Y’all, it is so good and it tastes just like the original. You would never think that cauliflower could taste like potatoes but, it really does. Sometimes I cook a ton of it on Saturday and eat it all week for lunch. Without further a due the recipe is listed below. I promise you will love it! Give it a whirl.

Are there any amazing but better for you soup recipe’s that you love. If so please post them in the comments. As always we are all here to help each other. Have an amazing weekend. I hope that you get to spend it with your amazing family. ❤️ Always