The Greatest Oak

Remember, the greatest oak in the forest was once a tiny seed. This beautiful life is exactly what you make of it! Stay happy, love always, and be YOU!

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Play it loud

Good evening and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Woohoo it’s my favorite day of the week. The day I look forward to. The day that causes me to “wish my life away” wanting it to get here. My little mamaw would get on to me for that. “Don’t wish your life away” I can hear her say lol. […]


Wow these last couple of weeks have been nuts for me hence; I have not had time to post one single blog. That for me is super poo because I loving writing my blogs and I love even more that I get feedback from folks all over the place. I think sometimes we spread ourselves […]


Good evening everyone and Happy Sunday evening. Did this weekend fly by or what? The older I get the more that I appreciate the time that I get with my family and away from my hectic workweeks. I try not to wish my life away but, boy do I crave Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Speaking of […]

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