The Greatest Oak

Remember, the greatest oak in the forest was once a tiny seed. This beautiful life is exactly what you make of it! Stay happy, love always, and be YOU!

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Good evening everyone and happy Thursday! For a lot of us it’s almost over. One more day to the work week. I debated on this post for a bit and then I thought you know what I’m gonna lol. So, I want to apologize from the start for my vegan friends. You probably want to […]


Good afternoon and happy Wednesday. I hope that you are all having a great week so far. Tonight I want to touch on a subject that is very close to my heart. Have you ever thought about what you do to encourage others? A good job or a confirmation of something that someone else is […]

Netflix series worth watching.

Have any of you all gotten hooked on a Netflix series? I wish I could say that I hadn’t. I find that I only watch about two cable channels anymore. I’m just not a huge fan of reality shows. I typically stick to HGTV and Food Network. My husband on the other had watches EVERY […]

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