The Greatest Oak

Remember, the greatest oak in the forest was once a tiny seed. This beautiful life is exactly what you make of it! Stay happy, love always, and be YOU!

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Hi y’all and happy Sunday. I hope your day has been great. It has been just beautiful here today. Sunny and 87 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Wanna talk about a word. Defeat. What a terrible word. Have you ever been defeated? That feeling of things not turning out the way you wanted […]

The drive home.

Happy Saturday. What a beautiful day it is. I don’t know about where you are but it’s absolutely beautiful here. Not a cloud in the sky and a high of 79. I will absolutely take it. Our amazing Hilton Head vacation came to an end this morning and we embarked on the 6 hour drive […]

It takes a revelation

Well hello! Boy howdy it’s been a bit. These last few months have consumed my life with more to do than I allowed myself time to do it in. So much so that it finally took its toll on my mind, spirit, and my body. Sometimes you get yourself in that predicament until BAMM you […]

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