A boost for the body.

I’m sure over the last few days that we have all crammed our bodies with plenty of foods that were less than healthy for us. I know I can answer yes to that. I allow myself to eat the bad things on certain days of the year. For me after a couple of days of completely gorging myself and I literally have to stop and try to detox. It’s crazy what effects the bad foods have on me. I get so much inflammation and let’s not talk about my tummy, which I refer to most of the time as the devil. We will talk about my detox for anyone who is interested at a later time. Today I want to talk about the best boosts that I can do for my body. I want to talk about vitamins. Yes, you need to take them even if its a good ole Flintstone vitamin. P.S. I love Flintstone vitamins. I think they taste good however; I no longer take the children’s chewable. Ive grown to find some more that are much better for me. I want to share with you four of my go to’s.

For those of you who know me know that I do not like medications. I try to treat myself with vitamins and herbs as much as possible. Yes, I’m that weird person. I take a daily vitamin every morning. I am not sure at this point that I could do without it. My choice for my daily is Axion which is made by Xyngular company. I absolutely love it. I can take one or two a day. Now, its a little pricey. It’s about $45 for a month but, I have tried so many vitamins that have done nothing. After being on these vitamins for 3 days I felt so much more energy and it may sound crazy but, my hair seemed to be healthier and my nails grew so well. The help with brain fog and focus sealed the deal for me. Look them up online and give a few of their products a try. I also use their lean protein and trimstix’s.

Each day I also take a Vitamin C supplement. We all know that vitamin C is good for our bodies. Of course oranges are the best natural source of the good vitamin however; as i said earlier, my stomach is not a nice organ. If I drink orange juice or eat oranges I am miserable for about 6 house. The combination of sugar and acid is not a good thing for me. Instead I get my daily dose of vitamin C in pill form. I use Nature Made supplements for this one. I like the fact that I can get them at any Walmart store or pharmacy and the price is very affordable. It is proven that taking vitamin C can help prevent cold and even shorten its span. So go out an grab you a bottle of this great little gem.

Another great vitamin that I take to help my system is Vitamin D. A great source of Vitamin D are eggs, mushrooms, and fish. I can eat eggs and mushrooms all day long but, fish is another story. Fish is your best source of Vitamin D and I am allergic to all fish. Another great source of Vitamin D is pure, lovely, sunshine. I love it and I get out in the sun as much as I possibly can. Well we aren’t getting much right now in the gloomy winter months. For this I make the Nature Made Vitamin D3 supplement. So how do you know if you need some Vitamin D? Are you constantly sick? Are you always exhausted? Are your muscles and back always hurting? Is your hair falling out? Are you felling down and depressed? All of these are signs of a Vitamin D deficiency. Grab a bottle. It will make you feel better. I take this every morning with my regular vitamin.

Finally, the last supplement that I take is Magnesium. Some great sources of magnesium are leafy greens, nuts, avocados, and pumpkin seeds. I can do all of this except for the nuts. Again, another allergy. Some of the signs of a magnesium deficiency are headaches, poor sleep, muscle cramps, and heart palpitations. I literally was having all of these. Magnesium is proven to help with muscle and nerve function as well as keeping your heart healthy. I can attest to the fact that after taking my magnesium supplement for 4 days my heart flutters almost completely went away. I do not miss taking this supplement on a daily basis. I typically take it with my lunch however; it can be taken at any time with or without food. For these little blessings I use Nature Made as well.

Folks I know that some of you will think that I am crazy and that’s totally okay. Each person should do what is best for them. Are there any supplements, vitamins, herbs, or oils that you use and truly believe in? If so comment below so that we can all reap the benefit. I have attached photos of the exact supplements that I use. I hope that these little tidbits will help in some way. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a wonderful night. I hope that it is full of blessings, peace, and love. ❤️Always.

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