Product review.

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me over the years what skin products that I use. Honestly, I have been very blessed to have pretty good skin. I truly have never dealt with some of the issues others have. Even as a teenager with raging hormones, my skin stayed pretty clear. No acne and no grease. As I have gotten older the only issue that I’ve had is that my skin tends to be dryer. I always say it’s hereditary. My grandmother, her name was Martha (and yes we called her mamaw, I’m from the south), had beautiful skin. Even before she passed away she was wrinkle free. So, I’m thankful for good genes.

I was born with a momma who was a hairdresser. Some of y’all will call that a cosmetologist. Here in Tennessee she was a plain ole hairdresser. We were introduced to makeup when we were pretty young. She believed in soap and washing your face every night before going to bed. I still do it. I try not to miss a night and if I do I feel like my face is itchy. When my sisters and I started our make up journey we were given the option to use only “good” foundation. I actually use Merrell Norman. I’ve used it for 20 years and I just haven’t changed. Although I think the type of makeup that you use is important, I think what you do to your skin matters most.

My regiment is pretty simple. Again I wash my face every night. It may surprise you but I use white dove soap. I scrub my face with soap, water, and a wash cloth. That’s it. I use the same soapy cloth to remove my eye makeup. Let me tell ya I wear a lot. Here is the important part. Here is the product review. I use Aloette hand and body silk on my face. I absolutely love it! I love the way that it smells and the way that it makes my skin feel. I honestly believe in this lotion. I usually get a bottle from my momma as a gift around Christmas time. You don’t have to wait to get it as a gift, you can just visit the website and purchase it. It only takes a little pea sized drop to hydrate your face. I have to admit, I use it on my legs after I shave as well. I never get razor burn and I think the lotion is why.

In my option I believe you can wear any brand or type of makeup that you want as long as you wash your face and use a good lotion. I hope that this helps you in some way. Try to find someone in your area that sells Aloette. Always try to help independent consultants. They wouldn’t be selling the products unless they believed in them. When you find one ask for a sample. I feel certain they would be happy to give you one. Aloette has tons of other products, I just use the hand and body silk daily and I can confirm that it works extremely well for me. I hope you can give it a try. Have a wonderfully blessed evening and happy dreams. ❤️ Always

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