When toys were not electronics.

Of course you know what this post is going to be about. I am absolutely in love with my childhood and nostalgia. This week the weather has just been blah where I live. January and February are just yuck. No pretty colors, nothing blooming, everything is grey, and its just yucky. It leads me to think about anything except that current situation. I am a firm believer to fill your thoughts with positive to keep from being blue. On that note, do you remember something that you just loved as a child? I am talking about a special toy. Maybe an object that you just had to have for Christmas or your birthday. Well obviously I am a girl so of course my favorites were dolls. There were 2 in particular that I just will never forget. I want to tell you I could do nothing more than smile earlier as I was googling for photos to post with this blog. Those little reminders filled my heart with so many memories.

I was born in 1978 so most of my childhood memories come from the 80’s. I was and am still an 80’s baby. It’s still my favorite era and I listen to my 80’s music every day. I may be a little partial but, I believe that this was the greatest time as far as toys for kids. Not a ton of electronics because we weren’t allowed to sit in front of a video game. Our momma and daddy put our rear ends outside to play. My little sister rode her bike from sun up to sun down. That’s why her legs are so beautiful to this day. That’s another story for another day lol. There were no video games in our lives and to be honest we didn’t even have a television in our rooms until high school. Kids now would freak out if they had just a radio, some coloring books, and their sibling in their room. It seemed to make us appreciate non material things. Oh, to go back in time.

Back to my favorite toy from my childhood. Both of these were wished for and given to me as Christmas gifts. I still have one of the two. My number one favorite gift as a child was my Cabbage Patch Doll! Yes, I LOVED him so much. His name was Mitchell. My parents bought one for myself and my sister. I wanted a boy because I always imagined that if I ever had children they would be boys. FYI I had one child and he is definitely a boy lol. My favorite thing about Cabbage Patch Dolls were the adoption papers. For those of you that have never had this wonderful experience, each doll came with its own individual outfit, accessory, and adoption papers which gave them their name. It was so exciting opening the box to see the name that was picked for your new baby. They had a first and middle name. I hate to say it but I can’t remember Mitchell’s middle name. He was a cute little bald feller just like the one in the picture that I included. I’m not certain if you can still buy these little angels at “the walmart” anymore but, my older sister has informed me that they are made in Helen, GA and you can go to the factory and adopt one. They have a nursery and everything. EEEKKK! I may have to con my husband into a little weekend getaway. You know a romantic one with a nice dinner and a visit to adopt a Cabbage Patch baby. Who else had a Cabbage Patch Doll? Didn’t you love it? I still have my little Mitchell and tons of memories that go along with him.

My second favorite gift was from my grandparents. It is again a doll and I may stump some of you on this one. I bet a lot of you won’t remember this at all. I will never ever forget opening up my little red headed Hugga Bunch doll. She was so perfect. There was a Hugga Bunch cartoon that I use to watch at my grandparents house on the weekends when I would spend the night. I loved watching it. My little papaw would snarl his nose when I would turn it on. You see they were a one t.v. home and he loved watching his wrestling. My Hugga Bunch came on during his N.W.A. Wrestling. He couldn’t fathom missing his opportunity to watch Dusty Rhodes spit all over the place lol. That could be another story as well. He may have snarled his nose but he completely remembered to buy me that doll for Christmas. I can’t seem to imagine that little old man walking into the store (probably Hill’s Department Store) and asking for a Hugga Bunch lol. As far as my doll, I do not have her any longer. I sure wish I did. I just loved her.

I hope that this blog post helped you remember a gift or toy that you received in your youth that you just loved and can never seem to forget. It has made me just giddy to think about it. Although these were my two favorites there are so so many more that get high praises. I wish I could talk about them all but I am not trying to write a book lol. I want to encourage you to think about happy thoughts especially in the times we are currently living. We all need joy. We all need to smile and feel happy. Memories are what do that for me. Please feel free to comment and share your memories of your favorite gift/toy. Especially if you are an 80’s baby like me. It may make me think of something that I have forgotten. Stay safe, heathy, and happy my beautiful friends. Have a wonderfully blessed night. ❤️ Always

I had Tickles the little red head.

One thought on “When toys were not electronics.

  1. Mitchell was a cute little feller. I loved my Baby Crissy, but I think she was a baby of the 70s. Her hair would “grow!” I also loved my Merlin, which was a “computer of sorts.” It was the coolest toy ever in about 1978-1980! I googled pictures and what memories it brought back. I still have my Baby Crissy. She’s either upstairs or still at my Grandma’s house where I lived before I moved in this house that I bought. If she’s still there, I need to bring her over here to live with me 🙂


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