The collector.

Good Wednesday evening beautiful people. I hope your day has been full of love and blessings. Mine sure has. Today I was thinking about items that people collect. Do you collect anything? Have you known anyone that collects anything? Maybe its something completely off the wall. Sometimes I wonder when it gets to the point of no longer “collecting” but, “hoarding” lol. Ugh that makes the think of that T.V. show about hoarders. Lord help me when I watch it. It makes me itch all over. I am married to a wonderful, severely OCD man who literally can’t sit and watch it lol. I think that “collecting things” is brilliant. I mean think about it, if you have a little something that you like, everywhere you go you will be looking for that particular item. Trying to find it in various colors or materials is so much fun. It also makes it super easy for others to buy for you. I mean how easy is it to buy an odd coffee cup for someone who loves collecting coffee cups. It’s a no brained. I bet if you think about it you are a collector even if you don’t know it. Ladies, do you have a bunch of shoes? Bam, there you go. You are a shoe collector. Fellas do you have a ton of tools? Boom, you are a tool collector. I mean they aren’t great collector items but you are a collector lol.

When I was a little girl we would visit my aunt and uncle quiet often. They never had any children so the 4 of us were their kids. My uncle had a den in the basement that was always super warm. For some reason I remember visiting in the winter more than any other time. The den had a huge television ( he always watched nascar, golf, or football..he still does), a bar, and cozy seats. He was a collector. And it’s a little strange but he collected hats. He had hats from everywhere handing all over that den. It was so neat. I mean they were baseball type hats but they were from old auto garages and restaurants from everywhere that he visited. I will never forget those hats. Isn’t that neat? A collector of hats.

My momma loves Christmas time. I guess that’s who I get it from. When I was living at home I remember her just piling the icing room full of Santa Clauses. And not the cheapo ugly ones. Nice one’s made of ceramic and glass. My daddy bought them for her all of the time. He was thoughtful. I looked forward to it every year. I still look forward to home at Christmas. She’s moved on from the Santa’s and now has that amazing village that I talked about and showed pictures of a few blogs back. She was a collector of Santa’s and now a village collector. And I must say she’s pretty great at it. I bought her a village piece for Christmas this year. See it makes it easy.

I know y’all are wondering if I’m gonna tell you about my collecting because you know I do. Well yea! Of course I am going to talk about it. I’m a big collector. Of three things in particular. Yes, I might slightly be on the side of hoarding lol. But, not in a messy r nasty way. Remember I’m married to the OCD guy. One, those Santa’s that were ought for my momma have now made their way to me. I add one every year. I LOVE them. They bring back tons of memories for me and I just love that little long haired beards man. Two, I collect salt and pepper shakers. Old ones in particular. I love going to antique store and flea markets and looking for them. My son and I had a date day right before all the Covid mess and went to antique stores in two cities near us. I get them for gifts for my birthday and Christmas and I love it. See I’m easy to buy for. And finally number , number three. I collect old Pyrex. I love the odd colored or patterned ones. My son works at an auction house so it makes it easy to buy. I find them at antiques stores as well. People have no trouble buying for me. Pick one of the three and I will love it and you forever.

I want to encourage you to become a collector. If you aren’t already find something that you really like. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It can be as small as a thimble. Let the joy of looking for these item be yours and let other know so they can enjoy shopping for something that you really like. I also want to encourage you to ask other people what they collect. It may surprise you what others collect. It will help you learn a little something about them. Besides that its so fun! Or course I attached a few photos of my favorites out of my collection. EEEEKKKK it’s so fun. I hope this little post jogs some great memories for you. It sure did me. Please comment and tell us all what you collect. I would just love to know. Have a wonderful night. ❤️Always.

Just a few of my salt and pepper shaker collection.
My two favorite Pyrex
About half of my Santa collection.

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