Married to the drummer.

Happy Friday night y’all. I hope you’ve all had an incredibly great week. With the topic above I’m sure you’ve guessed what tonight’s blog is about. But, I want to talk about it a little deeper. Last nights blog about road therapy was about what we do to help calm our mind and anxieties. I wonder if any of you use music as your feel better? I’ve talked about music this week with several people that I know. We discussed what an impact it has on our daily lives. I can’t imagine going through a day without music. Isn’t it funny how at most every gathering it typically has food and……you guessed it, music. Yes, I am married to a drummer. He is a pretty great one at that if I must say so myself. Although he seems to really enjoy bike riding with me I know for him being at his drum kit is where his therapy lies. Give him and hour or so on the drums and he is like a brand new person.

I’ve been a church goer since I was about 3 years old. My momma kept us in church as much as possible. It was just what she felt was necessary. I have a little confession about it. The biggest benefit that I get from a church service is the worship. I mean the sermon is okay, but the music gets me right in the gut. If the music isn’t good then it really drags on for me. But, put me in the middle of a church with an awesome worship “band” and I am a soul on fire. It gives me chills and I feel the Holy Spirit all over me.

I don’t have to listen to religious music to get that feeling. I love so many music genre’s and I listen to pretty much everything. I just love talented voices. Now, back to the drummer. My husband has played drums for about 35 years. He is self taught. Which proves you can do anything that you set your mind to. He has been in quiet a few bands but took a break for a several years. Until last year. Along with some very talented friends, he formed a band which has been such a hit in our area. They are a “cover” band with a great mixture of 70’s – 90’s crown pleasers. Although I could talk about his band all night, what I really want to focus on are the crowds that they draw. Although things have halted due to Covid, they had many many weekends prior of playing gigs. I just couldn’t believe the numbers of folks that came out to listen and dance. The one thing I noticed about all of these precious people are the smiles and looks of true happiness. Just being able to be out with their friends and for them to sing and dance. That is the payment for the band in my opinion. When you stand on the stage and perform and you see people truly enjoying themselves because of a little something that you give them. That is priceless.

With all that bragging being done. Yes, I was bragging a little on my husband. We’re allowed to do that lol. I just wonder what music has done for you? Are there certain songs that just seem to identify with your life? Are there singers voices that just make you stop and close your eyes? I think we can all say yes. I encourage you to listen to music. Turn it up and enjoy it. Listen to it with your friends, family and especially your kids. When this pandemic is over get out and support some of your local bands. It is so much fun. Go to the symphony. Catch a concert. Just enjoy the music. If you feel like it comment your favorite line in a song and tell us why it means so much to you. Happy listening and have a wonderful night. ❤️Always

Look at that smile. That’s what music does.

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