Good ole sayin’s

Hello and Happy Saturday. Hope your day has been fabulous. I just loved thinking about everything that I wanted to post in this blog. Lordy Lou the memories. If you all are like me you were partially raised by your grandparents, or in my case papaw and mamaw. My little sister and I spent almost every weekend at their house. I think my momma was more than happy to get rid of us when we would ask if we could go. Because we stayed with them so much, we were around a ton of “old people”. The sayings that they would come out with were so funny. Do you have or remember some “old sayin’s” from years gone by? I hope that tonight’s blog makes you think about those old words but moreover makes you think about some people who are no longer with you.

My papaw was as old school as they come. I mean country. He grew up in a little town in North Carolina and his daddy worked for a logging company. In other words college educations were not necessary and in some cases neither were middle or high school completions. Although he wasn’t a college graduate he was smarter that most folks I know with a PhD. Street smart and common sense are sometimes more priceless than anything you can learn from a lecture or a book. He was full of old sayings. He use to scratch his ears with a car key lol. How he didn’t bust his ear drum I will never know. His phrase was “ My year is a eachin”. Lol. To this day my sister and I say it. And it was so funny hearing it come from his little gruff voice. He was 5’5 and barely weighs 95 pounds. You would get tickled just looking at him. He also called soda “dope”. He would say “I’ve got to go down here to the Food Lion we’re out of dopes”. He meant his Dr. Pepper. That little saying could be embarrassing sometimes because people who didn’t know him were not quite sure what he was talking about. There are so many I remember but, one I will never forget is when my little sister or I would say a “bad” word papaw saying “now that’s not nice of a little girl” lol. He never got mad. He would just say that in almost a whisper.

My grandmothers name was Martha. It was a beautiful elegant name for someone of her age. It suited her as she was always dressed to the nines and her hair and make up were always perfect. However; those that really knew our family called her “Marthie”. That is what our papaw called her. Even their neighbors called her that because of him. She also had her own little sayings. When we answer the phone we all typically say “hello” or “this is ……” but, not her. I so miss wringing her home phone and hearing “meyello” when she picked up. She would also say “I’ll swear” when you were telling her a big dramatic story.

My husband and I were talking about all of these sayings and he told me a few of the ones he remembers. By the way, you should talk about this with your spouse. You will have a really good laugh and you will learn so much about their family. I never met my husbands dad as he passed away before we were together. I do however feel like I know him because my husband talks about him so much. He said on thing that his dad always said when he was leaving to go somewhere was “I’ll be back dreckly”. It’s suppose to mean “directly”. See y’all. I told you we are from the country. He would also say “I’m as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs” lol. I got so tickled when my husband told me that one.

Even our aunts and uncles had some sayings. When my husband would ask his uncle Victor how he was he was he would say “fair to midlin”. What does that even mean? My aunt Ellen was a great, quaint person. She never had any children but she loved us very much. She was so artsy and she really “lived”. She did arts and crafts at the senior center and lived to be 94 years old. She was amazing. Her husband passed away many years before she did so she would often go on trips with us. My daddy was her baby brother and they had a great relationship. The one saying I remember from her had a bad word in it lol. We would get in the car to travel. She would always sit in the back seat with us. As soon as we would pull out and get on the road she would say “We’re off in cloud of horse shit”. Blahaha I have no clue where it came from or what it meant but it was so funny.

There are so so many more. “Get you a hone of that” i.e. “get a drink of that”. “Finer than a frogs hair” i.e. “I’m doing just fine”. We could go on and on. Are there “old sayin’s” that you remember from your childhood? Do you still say them? Tonight is the perfect time to have this discussion with your family. It will give you all a good laugh. If there are any that you would like to share please do so in the comments. We all need a good laugh. I hope tonight’s blog brought some happiness and food memories to your evening. ❤️Always.

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