The beginning.

What a great title to start my blog. It makes me want to say, “In the beginning there was dark and there was light”…… just kidding lol. Everything has to begin somewhere. So let’s start by me explaining to you why I decided to create a blog. In this amazing beautiful world that we live in which seems to be completely upside down right now, I just wanted to do something positive. Nothing political, nothing negative, nothing scary, just a time of positive, inspiring, motivational moments.

My hope is for these posts to make your day brighter. Maybe, jog a precious memory. Give you a little trick or hack that might help make tackling a project a little simpler. Suggest a product that I use or love. Or even give you a review on a restaurant or show you what new recipes I am giving a whirl. In other words this blog is sort of a little of everything.

Finally, I wanted to explain the name of my blog webpage. I thought and thought about what I wanted to title my page. It came down to two names. Obviously the one that I chose and “Wildflowers” (wildflowers are everywhere and this blog will be just that, all over the place). I decided on “The Greatest Oak” because if the following saying which I completely love: “The greatest oak in the forest was once a tiny seed”. Think about that. That tiny little seed had to push its way through tough dirt to sprout and grow into a beautiful mighty oak tree. Isn’t that how we are? For most of us isn’t there so much that we have to push through in this wonderful life? Those struggles my sweet friends, are what makes us strong. Just like the greatest oak, we continue to grow and survive. We thrive. Because that’s how God made us. To persevere, to live, to be happy. So go and live. And more than anything keep being wonderfully YOU! Because life is too short to be anything else. Have a blessed evening. ❤️ Always.

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