“Memories, light the corner of my mind. Misty water-colored memories”…. okay enough of that. But, don’t you just love the sound of Barbara Streisand’s voice? Oh memories. Folks that know me can truly say I try to OD myself in nostalgia. Doesn’t it just make you feel good all over? What is Christmas time without memories. This time of the year is so tough for so many people. Here we are in this beautiful season of joy but, some of us are missing loved ones, or we feel like we can’t provide for our children the Christmas’ that their more fortunate friends have, or we are alone, or we are just plain Mr. Scrooge (kidding, no not really) and the list goes on and on. For my siblings and I it is difficult because we lost our daddy at the young age of 69 right after Christmas. So, for those of you struggling through just know that you are so important to so many people and you are so loved.

During this time my hope to keep from being “sad” is abundant. I find myself redirecting those feeling by making new “memories” for my little family. Especially for my son, yes, I have an 18 year old strapping young boy. i hope that he appreciates the fact that at 18 years old he still gets a stocking filled with gifts from the jolly old elf and his very own Christmas tree. I know, I know, I’m a bit weird. My hope is that as he becomes even more of an adult, he will remember “home” at Christmas time. Full of good food, warm and inviting, 13 Christmas trees (yes I said that and yes they are all full sized. No, I do not live in a mansion), and the love that my husband and I show to him.

What makes your house “home” for the holidays? I want to tell you a little tid bit about what makes my Christmas bright. Of course my time with my family is the most important. I have a pretty great brother and two sisters that are truly more like my best friends. But the one who holds this crazy train together and is our rock is our momma. She is a living Saint if ever there was one. Here’s my “home”. Walking in to her house around Christmas time. Every year she puts up a Christmas Village and it is sprawled out all over the living room. These little tiny houses that she places so perfectly in their little spots. Oh, I could cry just thinking about it. And good tears, not sad. That my precious friends are what memories are made of.

Now that all I can think about is momma’s village, I want to encourage you to take some time to remember some of your favorite holiday memories. This year especially, the feeling of joy and love is so much needed. If you are a parent what little memories can you make for your babies big or small? And if you are alone at Christmas time think about maybe volunteering in a food bank or at a church to help those that are in need. Because, no one should be alone for Christmas. I want to think that tonight’s blog has maybe caused a beautiful memory to sneak for you. So Merry Christmas, or happy holidays whichever you choose. Love and blessings from me to you.

P.S. Of course I had to show you a photo of momma’s village. And this is just one section. ❤️Always

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