Be The Light

Just wondering how many of you have been around someone who always has something negative to say? I mean everything that comes out of their mouth is negative or depressing or just plain sad. Have you ever noticed how long it takes for you to go from happy to “let me the hell out of here” while you are around them? Sorry, yes I said hell but I don’t really consider that as a “bad” word. That type of attitude rubs off so quickly. If you put a positive, upbeat person in a home with one other person who is nothing but negative I wonder how many days it would take before they both become miserably depressed? I would almost bet less than 2 days. Or would they both become positive and upbeat? Don’t you think it would take many more days for the positive to rub off? It’s something to ponder really.

I consider myself to be a positive person. I believe in kindness and showering folks with the care they need to infuse good vibes. Do you know how much more difficult building a person up is than beating them down? That beat down that was just given is a sign of weakness. A sign to me that the one giving the “beat down” probably has a few little issues of their own. I take it as a personal challenge, and yes I am a very prideful, goal oriented person, to take that high road. The task of lifting others up, or as I say “being the light”, isn’t for the weak or lazy. It is a constant pressure that is there pushing you to try to bring out the best in others.

So here is a little story. In the past I had someone whom I was in contact with who never had anything positive to say. He was like little pigpen on Charlie Brown except the cloud of dust that he carried around with him was a huge ball of depression and lack of self worth. Every day while we were working together I vowed to make his day something worth while. Something small to get maybe a smile out of him or to just see a glint of positive hope. Every morning I would say my usual “good morning, how are you” with the biggest smile I could muster, just to get an “I’m here I guess” or “Barely making it” or “still living”. Every day I prayed harder and tried to come up with something that I could say or do to just “be the light” for this dwindling soul. Day after day nothing. No change. Until finally I began to feel myself getting a little depressed. What I’m trying to say here is it takes no time for bad vibes to rub off on others. So, for goodness sake, be the light.

I bet you were expecting to hear a happy ending to that story? Well the answer to that question is yes and no. No I never got through to this wonderful person who never accepted his value. He soon went to another job and I haven’t seen him since. Here’s the yes, the happy ending. A while after, I was told that he shared how positive I was with him to his new coworkers. He told them that just having someone that would be nice to him and seemed to care got him through some tough trials. BE THE LIGHT. No matter how hard the work is, be the light.

Here is what I would like for you to leave today’s blog with. It’s a challenge. Starting tomorrow (or oh my goodness start today), do not say anything negative. Nothing. That means for some of us we are going to have to think a little before we speak. Wow that’s a new concept lol. Smile and talk to those that you come in contact with like you would want someone to speak to your sweet child or your precious momma or daddy. Even when you are on the phone. Do this for an entire week. I promise you will see how much brighter your outlook is on life. It will make you feel unstoppable. Now a little warning, it’s not gonna be easy. The devil’s gonna try to get you but, you just have to be strong. Remember you may be the only person in this world that has cared enough to be courteous to that wandering soul in a very log time. So let’s hear it. Challenge accepted and BE THE LIGHT! ❤️ Always

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