I’m sorry but, no

Something that is very difficult for me is telling people no. Anyone else have a hard time with that? Some of you know that along with my normal 40 hour per week job, I also work part time for a local dental society, I sell Tastefully Simple, and I make cakes and cupcakes. To say I am spread thin is an understatement. Now please don’t get me wrong, I love all that I do. I am by no means complaining and I am certainly blessed. I am a person that thrives on staying busy. I function better that way. But, sometimes I get tired.

Over the last year I have gotten so overwhelmed with the amount of items on my plate that at times I just cried. Finally I had to step back and ask myself “is this taking your peace?”. I believe that we all get ourselves in situations where we just feel overwhelmed. We just aren’t certain that there are going to be enough hours in the day to complete what is on our to do list. Why did I allow myself to schedule this much to do today? Why did I tell him/her I could do this? Why did I think I would have enough time to complete this? Hmmmm. Does this sound familiar? I am right there with you sisters and brothers. I just want to say something to you that I have learned to say to myself. I promise my life has gotten so much better by living by this one sentence……If It Takes My Peace, It’s Not My Path. Can I get and AMEN????!!! Now say it to yourself, “If this takes my peace, its not my path”. No don’t you feel better already?

Learning to say “I’m sorry but, no” does not make you a bad person. It isn’t easy to say but necessary. Honestly we shouldn’t even be saying the “sorry” part but, I try to be a nice person. Here’s an example of what I mean. I post on my cupcake social media page when I have openings to take orders. These dates are posted obviously, because I am booked the other days of the month or I have other plans that will not allow me to bake. At least weekly, I get a message from someone asking “can you make a cake for tomorrow, this weekend, two days from now”. At first I would always say sure. I would get up at 2 am if needed to meet the needs of others. I never said no, when in all honesty I wanted to say “excuse me but do you read?”. I know that isn’t nice but its true. After a year of working myself to exhaustion I had to pause and say to myself “if it takes my peace its not my path”. You know it’s just not acceptable to me to stop baking. It is my therapy. It is what I love to do. So I either learned to say “I’m sorry but, no” or I give up my passion. I completely learned to say no.

Saying No is a way to take care of yourself. It’s called self care. Putting yourself above others, especially when you are completely exhausted, is NEVER wrong. It is okay to rest. It is okay to have a day for yourself. It is completely okay to say no. If you don’t take care of your temple (body, mind, and spirit), you can’t be your best you. It is okay to say no. On that same note, when someone tells you no remember this discussion. Maybe that person is stretched too thin. Maybe they are under too much pressure. Don’t take the “NO” to heart. They could just be tired.

I guess if you take anything away from this evenings blog just take this….. If it takes your peace it’s not your path and it is completely fine to say I’m sorry but, no. Have a wonderfully blessed evening. Count your blessings and love on one another. ❤️ Always

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