Speedy Delivery

Well I guess you know that this blog post is about. Wrong!! It’s not to complain about how long a delivery service took to get my items to me or how the contents were damaged. To be real honest with you I’ve seen so many of those posts on social media that I’ve almost had to bite my tongue to keep from saying anything. No darlings, this blog post is to make it real for you and to praise these folks who are out delivering our mound of packages that we waited entirely to late to order however; demand they are here in plenty of time for Christmas morning. I know you are all thinking, how dare you say that but deep down you know it’s the truth. I’m guilty of this too. Haven’t we all become the “I want what I want and I want it now” type person? Hmmmm.

Here’s my story. I am married to one of those “delivery guy’s”. In fact this is my wonderful husband’s 26th year delivering Christmas packages with your favorite delivery service. (No I won’t say which one, those that know my sweet man will know). This year more than ever they are slammed. Let me just put it into perspective for you. Normal day deliveries, pre-covid is about 70 stops a day. Fast forward to today, post covid combined with Christmas time, they are at an average of 105 stops per day. That is 35 more stops per day. Per route, not per station. In other words per delivery person. On top of this they hire temporary delivery personnel during this time. 10 extra persons to be exact and the part time folks are working full time hours. So to us, non-delivery workers this doesn’t sound like much. Let me tell ya, I see it. Maybe, this next story will help you see it as well.

My husband is no spring chicken. He’s 50 years old to be exact. A lot of the delivery drivers that you see will not be extremely young. Why is this? Because the company that they work for is a great place to work. They take care of their employees and these men and woman can make a comfortable living. They have long term employees. They aren’t lazy and their work ethic is huge. Believe me when I say there is no room for laziness for the delivery folks. They work very hard. A lot harder than most of us could ever imagine working. And we are the ones demanding our packages. It’s long hours, rain or shine, cold or hot, daylight or dark.

This week alone my husband has fallen asleep after work sitting in his chair well before bedtime. His feet hurt. His back hurts. He snores the moment his head hits the pillow. I see it. I watch it. It is true. But, guess what? Instead of complaining, he gets up bright and early the next morning to make sure your beloved packages are on your porch. It’s tough people. It’s tough on these guys. I see it first hand.

Here’s what I’m trying to get across to everyone. Appreciate these folks. All of them. They are tired and they are trying. We are the ones that waited too late to order our packages and are expecting them here very quickly. Before you get ready to blast your delivery guy because your package is a day or an hour late, take a deep breath. They are individuals. They are trying. They are out there pushing as hard as they can. Before you blast them maybe say thank you? Think about it. That’s someone’s husband, wife, son or daughter. What if it were yours?

Let me get the kindness started. Thank you thank you delivery drivers. Thank you for putting up with my bad attitude because I decided to procrastinate. Thank you for the long hours and delivering to me always with a smile. You are a blessing to us and we are so thankful. Merry Christmas and I hope that you will have ample time with your families during this wonderful season.

Remember, you are exactly the words that come out of your mouth. Choose kindness. Choose love. ❤️Always.

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