It just works!

At the beginning of my blog page introduction I said this blog would be a little of everything. So this evening here are a couple of little tips/hacks. I wanted to talk about these two because I use them almost every day. I am all about making things easier and saving money where I can. My time is valuable to me so anything to make me have more of it I am all for. I hope that these little tricks will work for you as well. If you know of any little tips that you would like to share with the rest of us, just leave in the comments.

Confession, I use WAY too much hairspray. I am a true 80’s gal with the big hair to prove it. Well ya know if you are gonna get the hair fluffy you gotta spray it. For me its instant freeze hairspray only. It works perfectly for that all day hold of my big mess lol. But, it’s not pretty on my bathroom floors. Do you know that feeling? Hairspray is not the only thing that gets your floors sticky and ugly. My floors are tile so this works perfectly. Here is your trick. Glass cleaner people. Yes, I said that. Glass cleaner. And it doesn’t have to be the expensive kind. Just spray your floors with the glass cleaner. I use the kind with ammonia. Cover it really well I mean soak it and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then just wipe away with a damp cloth or mop. Y’all it gets everything off of your floors. The glass cleaner works very well cleaning your sink as well. It will shine like a diamond. Give it a whirl.

Here’s my other tip. Gals, we’ve all gotta shave our legs right? I know I wish we didn’t have to but I guess the only other option would be to look like Sasquatch. My entire teenage life I used shaving cream to shave my legs. I mean the kind that I picked up from my local drug store that smelled like dead flowers and foamed all pink. I thought I was something lol. The problem is I had the worst razor burn and my legs were just dry. Once I got past the girly foam I realized that there was something that I use every day that would be so much better. People (gals and guys) USE CONDITIONER! Yes the kind you use on your hair. And I mean it works perfectly. I don’t use my expensive conditioner either, (yes, I have to use expensive conditioner on my big hair. with all the hairspray I have to do something to keep it from falling out). Go buy the 1 or 2 dollar kind. Get the coconut scented it smells so lovely and you can dream of the beach while you are using it. Fellas use conditioner to shave your face. It is so much better for your skin. My husband and I do not buy shaving cream any more.

That’s all I got for tonight as far as useful knowledge. I hope you found these little tips helpful. They sure are for me. Don’t forget to comment if you think there are more tricks to help us folks out that value our time. We all want to work smarter, not harder. So let’s hear your tips. Have a wonderfully blessed evening and thank you for reading. ❤️Always

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