A different road.

Did we all make our new year resolutions? If you are like me you write a ton of things down that you want to accomplish for the year and by December you realize you may have completed about half of them. Why do we do that? I don’t know about you but, as a woman some of my resolutions are always weight loss, to exercise a zillion times per week, and to not eat an unhealthy meal for the entire year. This is why I can’t accomplish these resolutions. Every year I make them entirely too hard to achieve. I put tough conditions on myself that I know from the start are not reachable. I start out with great intentions and then fail miserably. I think to an extent we all do this. I am sure there are some folks out there that complete all of the crazy, far fetched resolutions that they write down but let me tell ya, it ain’t this gal.

As I began to look at what I would like to do for 2021 I came to the realization that, unless I set attainable goals, there is no doubt I will be disappointed in myself throughout the year. So, I am looking at things a little differently this year. I still have the same ole similar goals as all off the years before I just tweaked them so that just maybe I can reach them this year. Do you ever remember setting a goal and the feeling that you get when you reach it? The satisfaction of looking in the mirror and saying “you know what, I just did that”. For me it is the best feeling in the world. I don’t know about a lot of you but, I am a list gal. I like checking things off. I like making charts and crossing things off as I get closer to my end result. For me that is satisfaction. Progress. I need to see the progress. Try to make a list or chart of your resolutions and watch yourself get closer and closer to reaching your goal. In the same sense it will give you accountability when you fall behind. The two things that I can promise you are 1) you can do or achieve any ole thing that you set your mind to and 2) your little body can handle so much more than you think it can.

Here’s my tweaking in action. Every year I set a goal to lose a mound of weight. I am not considered overweight according to the chats but I can tell you that we each have a weight in which we “feel good”. So this year, instead of putting myself through so much stress about the number on the scale, I am tweaking my goal. This year I would like to reach my “healthy” weight. Now notice I said “healthy” and not “feel good”. My heathy weight is about 12 pound more than my feel good weight. I have about 17 pounds to be at what I consider my healthy weight. Y’all that is so attainable. No, it wont be easy but, nothing of any worth is ever easy. Think about this. What if you change your weight goal to something actually attainable? I bet you make your goal. Here’s the fun part for me. I make a chart. Put your start weight at the top of a piece of paper and your desired weight at the bottom. I fill in the numbers in between and put a box around each one. Every pound that I lose gets marked off with a big “X”. I also put the date that I achieve that number. If you have a lot to lose give yourself a little treat every 5 pounds or so. And by treat I mean a new pair of socks, a cookie, a new bubble bath soap, a trip to the nails salon, NOT and entire day of eating which will make you gain the entire 5 pounds you lost.

Tweak number 2: Accountability. Every year I have vowed to write a page and keep a health journal. Have you ever tried to write every single day in a notebook? I mean every bite that you eat and exercise that you do? If you can do that then BRAVO! I can not. I try. Really I do. But, life happens, I get busy, I get sleepy, and the notebook stays empty. This year I have set up two ladies as an accountability group. These two ladies are ones that want to attain similar goals as me as far as making healthier choices and having movement. They are ladies that I know for certain will jerk me right back in line if I they need to. They are ladies that would drive to my house and literally scrape the cookie off of my tongue if I’m not suppose to be eating it lol. How do I know? Because they are my sister’s. And we have vowed to be tough and encourage one another. Get you an accountability tribe like this! Now you may ask how we are tracking it. By text. We are texting a picture of what we are putting into our bodies every day. I mean snacks too. In the hopes that if one of us makes a big fail and starts to eat an entire king sized candy bar, the other two can send help lol. Get you some good accountability partners.

Tweak 3, and the last one I will share with you this evening. I have a BIG goal for the end of September. I would love to complete a 42 mile ultramarathon. Why 42? Because I am 42 years old. I know y’all are saying “she’s really lost it now” but, I have ran several ultra’s in the past and was able to achieve 33 miles. In order to do this I will have to up my running training. In years before I have told myself “run 5 days a week and big miles”. You know what I’m gonna say. I didn’t hit my goal. This year I know that I can physically run 3 days per week. I know that this is attainable. So I am setting the bar at that. I have a running partner, my little sister, who will make sure I don’t get lazy. In return I will run her little short legs off lol. My tweak is requiring myself less days to run and also not making myself feel horrible if my ultra takes more hours than I would like. Y’all I am perfectly fine with being slow (I am not competitive) and I am also fine with walking when I need to. If there is a hill, and there are in this particular race, then I’m a walkin it lol.

Well these are some physical resolutions that I have for myself this year. I hope that you have set a few that will help you become a healthier version of you. Even little tiny changes can make a huge difference. Find someone to be accountable with. Love every step of the way. You need to enjoy the journey. Chart the tiny improvements along the way and most important be good to yourself. I along with so many others am so proud of you. No matter how tiny the step is you are lapping everyone else that chose to do nothing. Don’t forget to share your stories about what your goals/resolutions are. All we can do is encourage one another. Now get out there and achieve your goals. ❤️ Always

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