Low/Zero Carb selections.

Good evening everyone. I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week. Is there anyone out there who lives a low carb lifestyle? I do and have for a very long time. I find that by eating meats, vegetables and berries makes my body feel so much better. By limiting my intake of starches and sugar I seem to have less brain fog, less muscle pain, a lot less stomach ache, and more energy. Now, I do not deprive myself. If I want a cookie I eat it. But, I try to do it right after a work out and only once a week or so. So, please don’t think I am 100 % good all of the time because I am not. The one thing that I hear from a lot of my low carb friends is that they truly miss bread. Me too. To be there is nothing better than a sandwich or a piece of toast with butter. For a very long time I thought there was nothing I could do except just realize that my bread eating days were over. Then I found a little miracle. A golden nugget if you will. Time for a product review.

About a year ago I googled and searched low carb bread for what seemed to be a month. One evening a came upon a website called ThinSlim Foods. I carefully read the ingredients because I am allergic to nuts and a lot of low carb breads are made with almond flower. This bread was not. On a whim I ordered one loaf. Mainly because I truly thought it would taste like styrofoam and also because it was $6.99 a loaf. To my surprise it is very good. So good in fact that I ordered more. Now, I am not sure if this bead takes you out of ketosis for those of you that measure that. But, I will say that I weigh myself every day and I do not gain weight over night after eating these products.

Since buying my first loaf of bread I have also purchased ThinSlim pasta, bagels, pizza crust, and waffles. I love them all. I wanted to try the muffins and cookies however; they are made with nut products. I was ecstatic to find that my local Food City store is now carrying the bread and bagels. This saves me shipping and I don’t have to wait for the mail. The ONLY negative that I have found to these products is the price. I hate paying so much but, I am the only person in my household that eats it and the price keeps me from eating too much. I treat myself a few times a week to either a sandwich, an bagel, or a little pasta. The best part about these products are it’s taste and variety. To me it is so good.

If you are watching your carbs and need a little extra fiber hop on over to ThinSlim foods website and check them out. I hope that you will like it as much as I do.

Do you know of any other low or zero carb bread products. If so comment and share. We are all in this together and we are here to help each other. Here’s wishing you a very blessed night and happy healthy eating. ❤️Always

My ThinSlim waffle with Walton’s Farms zero blueberry syrup. 💚💚

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