Netflix series worth watching.

Have any of you all gotten hooked on a Netflix series? I wish I could say that I hadn’t. I find that I only watch about two cable channels anymore. I’m just not a huge fan of reality shows. I typically stick to HGTV and Food Network. My husband on the other had watches EVERY sports channel available. I mean seriously to the point that I’m not sure if Eli Manning hit a homerun for 3 points from the foul line lol. Obviously I have no idea what I’m talking about. We subscribed to Netflix through our Roku box about a year ago. For the longest time I didn’t even know how to use the remote lol. Let me tell ya I love Netflix. First off there are no commercials ( I know you have to earn your money but do you have to show 15 commercials every 10 minutes), second I can narrow my search to the type of program that I like to watch, and third there are always Christmas movies on there to choose from

My husband absolutely loves all of the investigative discovery programs offered. But, I must say I fell in love with two series. First is one about a Sheriff living and working near and Indian reservation. This series is not extremely long and I believe that my son has watched it about 5 times all the way through. There is obviously some violence and police situations in this series but other than that a some mild language it is great. No nudity and adult situations. I just loved it. If you have netflix and have some time, go and watch Longmire. We absolutely loved it. Like I said, it is not a ton of episodes and you could pretty much binge watch it in a weekend. You won’t regret it. I promise.

The other series that I just love is much longer. In fact, I am no where near finished watching it all. I just keep coming back to it. Every night when I go to bed it’s just what I want to turn on. Actually, don’t watch it at night or you will be like me. You will look up and it’s 3 am because you have gotten so consumed. Does anyone remember or LOVE the movie from the 80’s Pretty In Pink? It was and is still today my favorite movie of all time. I literally have watched it so much that the DVD is almost worn out. I could quote the lines. Well if you are a fan of the movie like me do you remember Steph? You know the preppie asshole that forever gave Andi and Blaine crap about wanting to be a couple? Well he is one of the main characters in what is my favorite series to date. And if you remember him as the jerk in our favorite 80’s movie, he looks nothing like he did but still has the same demeanor. Only this time you will completely fall in love with him. To me he is the same just older……..and bald. I can still see that young handsome face from the “Steph” that I always knew. People, if you haven’t watched it you MUST watch “The Black List”. I think we are in season 2. I can not stop watching it and have seriously considered staying in my pj’s for a day, ordering pizzas and having a Netflix and chill day. It’s just that good. Fall in love with “Steph” in a different way as he portrays “Raymond Reddington” in The Blank List. I want to warn you, you won’t be able to cut it off. You can thank me later.

Do you have a Netflix series that you just couldn’t stop watching? One that you watched more than once? Were you having a Netflix and chill quarantine? If so please comment and let us know which ones you loved. I am sure that everyone is curious as to what to start watching next. I hope that your weekend has been absolutely fabulous. Thank you for reading todays blog. ❤️Always

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