Good afternoon and happy Wednesday. I hope that you are all having a great week so far. Tonight I want to touch on a subject that is very close to my heart. Have you ever thought about what you do to encourage others? A good job or a confirmation of something that someone else is attempting is often exactly what he or she needs to be able to complete the task. To me encouragement is different than just being nice. It is an affirmation that you recognize the efforts that someone is putting forth. Every day I see the difference in people that are positively motivated and the ones that are torn down or talked nasty to. I mean I guess there are those folks that do better by getting told off and made feel small but, for me I see better results by being an encourager. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times that I need a drill Sargent in my life. Like when I want to stop and walk the last half mile of my run, I need someone to yell at me. Even at that I need them to yell “you can do it”, not “you’re a fat ass and you suck”. (Sorry for the language. Oopsie). Or for example when I get an extra plate of food when I should already be full. I seriously need a drill Sargent to scrape the cracker off my tongue and say “put the fork down” lol.

I have had a job from the time that I was 14 years old. I mean my daddy didn’t raise no lazy children. We worked. All four of us. We still do. Like mad. My very first job was a hostess/waitress at a local, family owned Italian restaurant where we frequently ate. My dad was friends with the owner and Mr. Amato put me to work as soon as daddy told him I needed a job. He was a kind but stern gentle old italian man who taught me so many things. In the evenings, after all of the customers had left, he would make me a plate of food and we would sit in a booth and I would just let him talk so that I could listen. He had the heaviest italian accent and I loved that little man like my grandfather. He was an encourager. His son on the other hand was just the opposite and even though I learned a few things from the younger Amato, I will never forget the lessons taught by his gentle father. I definitely responded much better to the encourager.

For years I worked in the dental field where I was a dental assistant and then a bit later an office coordinator. I worked at 3 different offices over my 23 years in dentistry and let me tell ya the difference was huge. I went from my first being a huge encourager who taught me how to save and how to go for the gusto. He was a poster child for the saying “you can do anything you set your mind to” to totally different. The second was totally the opposite but, even though we fought like sister and brother I stayed with him for 11 years. Although he could control your day by what his demeanor was when he walked in the door, he still taught me loyalty and how to check it at the door when you walked in. The last practice that I worked for was a father/son office. I’ve known these two for a very long time and I love them very much. Even though they were a lot alike they were also extremely different. At the end of the day their hearts were made of gold.

What I am trying to get you to see with all of that history of my working life is that people are all different and sometimes when you feel like you aren’t being treated the way you would like maybe, just maybe you need to try to be the encourager. In this case, your boss may be a poo but, maybe he or she hasn’t had a single ounce of encouragement in many years. I mean they are the boss they are suppose to encourage their employees right? Um, wrong. I can tell you that many times when my dentist walked in the door and I felt a sucky day comin on, I could walk to his office and say something positive and “encourage” him to do the same to the patients or another employee. 90 % of the time it worked people. To find something that they do really well and remind them of it is a game changer. Now I know the last thing you want to say to a big poo is something positive. I get it. It isn’t easy. But, just once, try it. It will make you both feel better.

For the rest of the week I challenge you to be an “encourager”. Every day find someone who appears to need it and let them have it. No negative. Just encouragement. Let them know what they are great at. And if you cant find something then just compliment their outfit or shoes or something lol. Also, think about yourself tonight, What are you good at? I bet if you think about it you are great at so much more than you give yourself credit for. I hope that you have a wonderful night. Many many blessings. ❤️ Always

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