Good evening everyone and happy Thursday! For a lot of us it’s almost over. One more day to the work week. I debated on this post for a bit and then I thought you know what I’m gonna lol. So, I want to apologize from the start for my vegan friends. You probably want to stop right here and just wait for tomorrows post. I don’t want to offend anyone so if you keep on reading then it is your decision lol. Can we just all stop for a moment and admit how much we LOVE bacon? I mean why is it so freakin good? Probably because it is so bad for you. But, I really think bacon, and pork for that matter, gets such a bad wrap. I mean it’s a little fat pig and if we think for one second that a big cow is any better for us then I think we are probably wrong. I don’t know, maybe I’m just trying to justify my love for the stuff.

I grew up with a daddy who was an avid hunter and what he killed, we ate. For that matter he also had a farm and what he harvested we ate. We were introduced to deer meat and fresh sausage probably before we were introduced to baby food. Our dad was a member of a local Rod and Gun Club as well as the Outdoorsmen Club. Hunting, Fishing, and farming were just part of his life and in return was a part of ours. You can rest assured that the foods that we ate were not full of growth hormones, preservatives, or were processed. Now I will admit that I was never able to go “hunting” per say. In fact I will go with my son and take my book just to have a little time with him. But, venison is one of the healthiest most lean meats that you can consume. And if you cook it correctly it doesn’t taste like wild game at all. It’s all in the marinade baby. I remember Dad saying to me when I started having so much trouble with my belly (it’s the devil remember) “if you cant grow it or hunt it you shouldn’t eat it”. Hmmm kinda makes sense. Never mind that he was telling me this all while eating his Treet meat sandwich lol. Y’all I don’t know what’s in that stuff but, I’m betting it wasn’t harvested lol.

Back to the pork dilemma. My question is, why does it get such a bad wrap? I mean its all so delicious. I absolutely LOVE breakfast. I typically don’t eat until 2 pm or after but more often than not breakfast is my go to for dinner. I love eggs and bacon. But sausage and ham, well they all scream breakfast to me. I know that some religions don’t allow you to eat pork (shew glad I didn’t choose that religion) and some people prefer to be vegan but, y’all I can’t. I just seriously can’t. I currently have a coworker who is allergic to pork. He seriously will break out if he eats it. I mean think about that. Think about all of the things that contain pork. I mean that is life without pork bbq, pork ribs, sausage, pork rinds, and of course bacon. How does he survive? Bless his heart.

With all that being said I truly feel like it is okay to have an 80/20 diet. I eat low carb so I can have all the pork I want. But, if you are a person who watches your fat intake or calories, I really think its okay to have something yummy every once in a while. How do you all feel about “the other white meat” lol? Do you have a favorite pork dish? If you do please do me a favor and share it. Just share it in the comments so that we can call benefit. I’m always looking for ways to use my favorite meat. And in the photo below I have shared a very very good way to use bacon. Have a great night and I hope that your morning tomorrow is filled with plenty of bacon ❤️Always

Coat the bacon liberally and bake it in the oven until crisp. Enjoy!

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