Integrity. You know I was almost 8 years old when I found out what this word meant. I will never forget how I learned. My little sister and I had a record player in our bedroom. I believe it was my momma’s and it only played 45’s. We had gotten a little record from a church class that we attended on Wednesday nights from time to time with our babysitter Helen. We just loved going with her. She went to The Salvation Army Church at the end of her street and my sister and I went to the children’s class. We were “Sunbeam’s”. Gosh what memories that just brought back but, that’s a story for another time. Look at me being all like Rose from the Golden Girls starting one story and getting lost in another one lol. Anyways……the little record that we got was a sing along story record. Now I can’t remember the entire story but, I remember that it was about integrity. I remember the lady telling the story had a beautiful voice and she sang a song that said “integrity means being honest in all that you do”. I still have the tune to that little song in my old brain. After listening to the record I thought to myself “how many fibs have I told today”? When we were little we fibbed to keep from getting in trouble. We thought we were so good. We thought we were getting away with everything. You know something, my momma was some kind of private investigator or had camera’s in our room or something. That woman knew everything. Then she would ask us knowing we were gonna lie so she could catch us in it. She was like the warden. Lol

Isn’t it funny how you think about the little white lies you told when you were a kid. They may have been funny and cute back then but as you get older you better nip that stuff in the bud. How difficult is it to regain someone’s trust after being dishonest? I bet if we took a poll on that a lot of folks would say they were never able to trust that person again. On top of that, even as a grown person, the truth will always come forward. It isn’t just my momma that is a private investigator. We all are. We are geared this way. We’ve all had someone show no integrity around us and for that reason we’ve all become untrusting. It’s sad really but, that’s just how it is. Let’s not get started about the snowball effect that happens when you start out with a tiny fib. By the time it’s over with you are beginning to believe yourself lol.

I want to tell on myself for a second because this story sort of hits it on the head as to what having no integrity can do to ya. When I was in middle school I absolutely hated math. To be honest I still don’t care for it and unfortunately that little trait has rubbed off on my son. I had the worst, most hateful math teacher when I was in 6th grade. I dreaded going to that class every day. About the second six weeks in, I pretty much gave up. Now, I’m from a time period and town where they mailed your report card home to your parents. Our daddy was a pretty fair man and he was okay with A’s, B’s and C’s but, bring home a D or and F and your tail was in trouble. Our mailman ran between 3:30 and 4 every day. For an entire week I camped out at the front door waiting on the mailman to come. I knew I HAD to get that report card before my daddy did. I knew without a doubt I had a D in that math class and I had no explanation for my poor grade. Well I got that report card and I went to my room and took a pencil and changed that D to a B. Y’all it worked. Sort of. I got by with it. Well, for 6 weeks I got by with it. My dumb ass (sorry for the bad word) forgot that the next report card showed all of the previous grades from the 6 weeks prior. Shew doggies I got my tail busted and he was pissed off every 6 weeks for the rest of that year. But the one thing he said I will never forget, was that he was more mad that I tried to lie about it. I had no integrity. For years I truly believe that my daddy took an eraser and went over my report cards making sure I wasn’t trying to pull one over on him again. You see, the truth came to light and so did my dishonesty.

No I know we are all guilty of not giving all of the information about situations. We all tell a little white lie every once in a while. We all sinners lol. But, do you know how important it is to be a person of integrity? Do you realize how important it is to be truthful and honest? How many people do you know that have ruined their chance in a job or a relationship because of not telling the truth? Think about it. I mean for real “The Truth Will Set you Free”. Whatever you do this week, do it with integrity. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening and a great week ahead. ❤️Always

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