Finish the race.

Happy Wednesday night everyone. Sorry for such a late blog post but today was super busy for me. I hope your week has been marvelous. Have you ever started something and simply not finished it? I think we can all raise our hand right here. You know that feeling when get ready to begin something new, all the excitement, the brainstorming, the planning, the sheer joy of how it’s going to turn out. Then you go to sleep and you wake and you sleep and you wake until finally that “thing” that seemed so important doesn’t matter that much any more. Was it really that that important to begin with? Or was it just hope? One of my favorite words, hope, because its meaning is so deep. I feel like, no matter what we start, we should finish the race. No matter what. It may be as simple as getting the house cleaned in one day or vowing to make 2 days a week a healthy meal day, or walking one mile when we really don’t feel like it, or in my case working towards a 42 mile ultramarathon in September. We should “finish the race”. I don’t even want to be known as the person that never completes anything. I’m sure no one does.

As a young adult I knew a man that was one of those folks that would start a project and never complete it. He started to pull up carpet to refinish floors and only half of the carpet got removed. He decided to repaint a bathroom and ended up with an accent wall lol. He started to immaculately landscape his yard and he ended up with some shrubs and a few little pansies in front of one window. Nothing that he ever did, did he ever complete. I use to think that he was just terrible. But, as I got older, I begin to wonder why he started all of these wonderful things that he never completed. It dawned on me that maybe he “needed” the feeling of excitement and anticipation. He needed something to look forward to. He needed “hope”. It’s sad really. Later on I learned that he had struggled with a little bit of depression and I just started to encourage all of his inspirations as much as possible. I think everyone needs encouragement and hope. Everyone needs to “finish the race”.

When I stop and think about how many things I want to do and how many projects I want to tackle I get so giddy. My mind goes a hundred miles a minute and I want to just jump in head first. I have learned to take a day or two to think about the project before I begin. I’ve learned to be more organized and to plan correctly. I make certain that I have the time needed allotted because, lets face it, we are all extremely busy. I check to make sure I have the supplies that I need to do the project. I also make sure I have my team of encouragers or helpers in place to make sure I can complete what I am beginning. Weather you want to admit it or not, having a tribe to encourage you and have your back makes a huge difference. Accountability is huge and will keep us on track.

Do you have a goal? Is there something that you just really want to do?Is it to become healthier or to run a 5k or marathon? Is it to read a certain book or paint your kitchen? Are you working towards being a better spouse, parent, Christian or friend? Do you want to open a boutique or just get a job that you will love every day? Whatever it is plan and strive to “finish the race”. I say this all the time but, this little tiny amazingly wonderful life that we live goes by so quickly. It is meant to LIVE not to just sit and be a miserable cow lol. I am a firm believer that there is not anything that a person can not accomplish if they set their mind to it. Our bodies can endure so much more than we give it credit for. Our minds are so much deeper than any thought we ever dreamed we could have. You CAN do it if you set your mind to it.

Do you have some encouragement to share with our friends? Do you have a success story? Anything that we can share with each other to encourage someone to “finish their race” is so helpful. Let those around you know that you are on their team. Be a part of a tribe that lifts each other and helps each other reach their goals. Whatever it is that you are wanting to do or beginning, I am so proud of you and have complete faith that you can “finish your race”. ❤️Always

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