My favorite hand lotions/ product review

Good Thursday evening everyone. Hoping your day was just lovely. I realized that I haven’t done a product review in a bit so I thought I would. With as much hand sanitizer as we are all using right now I’m sure if your hands are anything like mine, they are beginning to favor alligator skin. Between the cold weather here and the constant exposure to the alcohol in the sanitizer my hands look not very feminine. Believe me I’m not afraid of hard work but, I am a girl and I like for my hands to resemble ones of female gender. Has it been difficult to find some hand lotion that isn’t so thick that you feel like you have plastic on your hands? Or is it so expensive that you just can’t bear to pay that price? Let’s not talk about the smell. Some of them are horrible gag. Well below are what I have found to work for me. Maybe it will for you as well.

Here in the area that I live we have a store called Sally’s Beauty Supply. It is typically a store used by hairdressers (cosmetologist for those of you that ain’t southern). I love to shop there because they have better hair products than “the Walmart” and the prices aren’t horribly high. Several months ago I stumbled across this body lotion. It is by Body Drench. I remember using these products when I was in high school and frequented a local tanning salon. You know I had to be brown for the prom lol. They sold them for after tanning hydration and they smelled so good. This one is only $10.00 and it takes so little. It smells like a dream come true and the moisture is amazing. It’s Tahitian Manoi Oil. On top of it being fabulous the bottle is beautiful. Did I ever tell you how much I love trees and turquoise color? That’s for another blog lol. I suggest this lotion. Give it a try. Grab a bottle at your local Sally’s Supply. If you don’t have one near you, you can get it online at

So how much do you love Bath and Body Works? Me, me I love it so much. It’s one of my favorite stores to frequent. Of course I love all of their products. Who wouldn’t. When you walk in the door you are just engulfed with so many wonderful smells. It just feels so clean to me. Now I know to some people strong scented lotion and body sprays are a no no. I stumbled upon this product about year ago and let me tell ya, I feel in love with it. The scent is so faint that even those with sensitive noses could use it. It’s called the moisture lock body balm. I use it on my hands whenever I need to feel that little boost. It’s like putting my hands in water without getting them wet. It isn’t greasy and it stays on for a long time. The coolest part is that it is dispensed in a roll on deodorant type bottle. I can’t explain to you how good it smells. I don’t believe that it comes in different fragrances but you won’t need it to. This one is just perfect. It just smells so clean. If I had to explain the fragrance I think it most smells like sheets that have been hung out on a clothesline to dry. Oh my goodness if you’ve never experienced that smell then I’m so sorry and you ain’t from the south lol. Go grab you a bottle of this jewel and you can see what us southerners mean when we talk about that smell. It’s a little more pricy at $16 .50 a bottle but, it will last you forever and most of the time Bath and Body has some type of special going on. Check it out. You won’t regret it!

I have included photos of these two yummies just in case you need to know what they look like. Are there any hand creams or moisturizers that you just couldn’t live without? Please share with us because, at this point we’ve all got some pretty dry skin. After all we are all just here to help each other out right? I hope this helps someone. Have a lovely evening and a blessed rest of the week. Keep smiling and every day find some way to make others do the same. ❤️ Always.

Love love it

You won’t believe how good this smells until you just buy some.

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