Winter Blues

Oh happy day! It’s Friday! For myself and so many others that means it’s the weekend and we get a couple of days off. Whooopeee. Do you have big weekend plans? If I lived in Florida where it is warm I am sure I would have great plans every weekend. Here it is cold and people I loathe the cold. Hence my blog title. Do you get the winter blues? I’m typically not the type of person to have the blues but, I guess I would have to admit that I do a little from January through about mid March. It’s just so gloomy and cold and gray. This girls needs some sunshine and heat. That good ole vitamin d that comes in natural form. You know that feeling you get when you are sitting out on the beach with the heat of the sun just hitting your body. Sigh. Yea, I don’t get that wonderful feeling in the yucky winter time. That must be why they call it “the dead of winter”. It’s sure a fitting phrase around my parts.

I read that hospitalizations due to mental illness and suicide rate are at their peak at Christmas and during the winter months. Isn’t that so sad? For me Christmas is the day that I look forward to all year long. I just love it. I can’t imagine dreading that time of year but, for some people it is lonely and not easy. Like I said I love it but, come January 1st, this gal is done. The winter blues set in. I’m ready for sun and blooms, and for everything to grow. Snow is beautiful but, not after Christmas. I sort of understand the gloom as my daddy passed away right after Christmas 7 years ago. It is very tough to lose someone you love during what should be a season to celebrate. My family and I can’t not think about it. It just happens. We do however realize that if daddy were here he would be so upset with us if he thought we allowed his death to cause our Christmas to be sad. We try to lighten the mood by playing games (um if you want to laugh and aren’t easily offended, grab cards against humanity and play with your family lol). We also do a “white elephant” gift exchange. Funny gag gifts. It is so funny to see your 73 year old momma unwrap a package of beer goggles when the woman doesn’t drink. What I am saying is even though times can be tough find something to smile and laugh about. If you don’t have family find your tribe and get to enjoying this beautiful life.

Another way that I have learned to cope with my winter blues is to stay busy. As I’ve said so many times before I don’t do idle time. The busier you keep your body, the less your mind will wander. Take a walk outside. Go for a drive in the county. Go to an antique store and reminisce. Grab a book. Watch a movie. Anything. Anything at all to keep yourself from having negative thoughts. My go to is baking and exercising. Never thought about it but that kind of contradicts itself lol. Bet some of you had no idea but my 2nd part time job is making cakes, cupcakes and cookies. I have people order them every month so they must be pretty good. I truly don’t do it for the money. I’ve been told to increase my prices actually. But, I LOVE being in my kitchen and cooking. I love the decorating part. It’s art and something that I’ve found that I’m pretty good at. Sad thing is that I can’t eat them because of my devil tummy lol. If you love to cook then get yourself in to that kitchen and get to cooking something yummy. Let that be your therapy. Your family or coworkers will love you for it when you bring them little treats.

Now to the exercise. It is a proven fact that getting your heart rate up and sweating releases endorphins that make you feel good. At the first sign of gloom get up and hit the pavement. Push yourself. Sweat and push hard. Get your blood pumping and strive to be sore tomorrow. If you can’t run or lift weights no worries. Walk. But walk with purpose. Swing those arms. You know, swing them so hard that people make fun of you lol. If you can’t laugh then make others laugh at you. Find a hill and climb it. You will be so surprised and what all your little body can endure. After you finish I dare you to come back on here and tell me that it made you feel worse. You wont because it will make you feel like you can conquer the world. You will sleep better and you will have satisfaction in knowing that you accomplished something.

So on a serious note. Please know that if you are having winter blues and you feel like you can’t pull yourself up, there is help. Nothing is ever worth getting to a point that you feel that you can’t dig out. Again find your tribe. There are so so many people that love you and you are more important than you will ever know. Call a friend and talk or make them meet you for a walk. You are a child of God and YOU are worth something big. Please feel free to comment below how you cope with the winter blues. As always we are here to help and life each other up. Your tips may help someone more than you know. I hope you all have a happy, productive night. Smile, it’s contagious. ❤️Always

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