Good Tuesday evening everyone. I hope you’re having a great start to your week. It’s been a few days since I have posted a blog. As I do not like sadness or negativity I am sad to say that we buried my mother in law today. Bless her soul she lived a long wonderful 84 years. No matter it is still sad to lose your mother. My husband is doing just fine but, will take some time for the sadness to ease up. Isn’t it something that when you lose someone close to you, everything that they left behind becomes so important. After this last week I wanted to touch on a few things that I call “treasures”. Now let me give you a heads up this little blog may jog some memories that could draw some tears. Typically I do not do this but, crying is NOT a bad thing. It’s important to have tears. Happy ones of course but, sad ones as well. I’m the type of person that will shed a few, adjust the crown and carry on. It’s always worked well for me…… I thought. Truth is, you’ve got to get all of that build up out. I tell myself and you should as well IT’S OKAY TO CRY! Man, woman, strong or weak. It’s okay to cry. So grab a tissue and lets talk about these little “treasures”.

This little story is the hard one for me. I want to talk to you about my daddy. I’ve lost my grandparents and of course it was tough. You sort of expect them to go first. I mean they are the oldest so its just natural to expect them to pass first. 7 years ago I lost my daddy. He was a young 69 years old. So to say it was unexpected, well it was. I may have told you this in a previous post. I’m not sure. They all run together lol. My dad was what we called previously a “collector”. To him, he was a collector. To the rest of us he was a hoarder. He kept everything. In fact he his parents home (which was a two story, 6 bedroom), was full of everything. I remember my sister and I saying “when dad dies what are we doing with all this stuff”. To this day we still aren’t certain what we will do with it all. However; we are putting a dent in it. You see, there was a reason for his collecting. A year or so after he passed my washer went out. Guess what, dad had one. There was a time that my brother needed a ton of barbed wire for his farm and quickly. Guess what, dad had it. Just recently my son and I embarked on an antique booth. Of course, guess what, we didn’t have to look to far to fill in….. dad again. You see, dad left us little treasures. To remember him of course but, also to prove that even in heaven, he still helps us.

My son was 11 years old when my daddy passed away. When Walker was 2 years old I went back to work. I put him part time, in a day care facility in our town that was considered to be top notch. My first day back at work I was your typical momma leaving her little boy in a strange persons hands. I was a total wreck and cried all the way to work. My mom was to pick him up at noon. That evening when I returned home from work my daddy’s exact words were “Sit down we have to talk. You mother took Walker out of day care today. She cancelled your contact and her beauty shop will close on Friday. We are keeping him”. I was given no other options. It was a direct order from the warden lol. Oh how thankful I am that it happened. During their time together my daddy because my sons best friend. They did everything together. They were inseparable. When my dad passed away, my son was just heartbroken. To this day he has so many of hi personal items in his room. He is now tall and large enough to wear all of his old bibbed overalls and wool rich shirts. He is truly my daddy made over. His manners, his gait, his body shape, and his voice. And I truly couldn’t be more proud. Daddy left little treasures for my son and he carries those next to him every day.

I knew my mother in law for 6 years. My husband introduced me to her after our third date. His father passed away around the same time as mine so for a year he had been taking care of his mom. He stayed with her most nights due to some onset of dementia. She loved her kids and she loved the Lord. Almost two years ago she was finally placed in a nursing home facility. It was one of her choice, she worked there years ago. About six months after she moved to the nursing home, she had a stroke which left her completely paralyzed on the left side. It was truly a blessing that she was there and able to be cared for so well. Especially during all of this Covid deal. When she passed away last Friday we spent hours just going through her things. Trying to get items together for the funeral home. So many memories were brought forward for my husband. Photos of his youth with his momma. Even photos that he hadn’t seen of his father. Right now he is so attached to these items, as he completely should be. Today while at the graveside, I was so thankful for his little “treasures” that she left behind for him. She is in heaven but her spirt is still right here in her heart.

I hope that tonight you think about those that you loved who are no longer here. Think about all of those wonderful memories that you are left with. Grab a picture album and just remember. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to think about wonderful times. These are al little tiny treasures left for you by your loved ones. And in my opinion left for you by God. Have a wonderful evening filed with many blessings. ❤️Always

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