Be my valentine.

Good evening everyone. Tomorrow is FRIYAY! We’ve almost got the week whipped. Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Lots of folks will celebrate and others will close their door and try to stay inside for the day. For those of you that loathe this day, I am so sorry. Get out and celebrate it with a close friend. Have a movie day with lots of good food and yummy chocolates. Heck, send yourself some flowers. Leave everyone guessing who sent them lol. It will be fun. Life is too short to loathe any day. Each day that you have here on earth is perfect in its own way. Don’t waste one second with hate or dreading anything. I have to say that I love Valentines Day. I know that at some point during the weekend my husband and I will have a romantic dinner out. And y’all I love going out to eat.

Let’s talk about our childhood and Valentines Day. I remember being in elementary school and celebrating in our classroom. Elementary school teachers are pretty amazing as far as I am concerned. Ours use to decorate for every single event on the calendar. It seemed like our classrooms were dressed to the hilt with different decor every single month. Bright colors and cut outs everywhere. One of my teachers would even hang shiny decor for each season from the ceiling. Valentines was a big celebration. We made card boxes all they way through fifth grade. All I know is that I must have been expecting to get a ton of Valentine cards because I would search the house for the biggest box that I could find to decorate. Most of the time it ended up being one of momma or daddy’s boot boxes. Yes, I took a big ole boot box in to the school lol. This gal has never ever been ashamed of being different. Do you remember decorating your box? Oh my gosh it was so much fun. The construction paper, bling, and sequin was ON POINT. Lordy Lou it makes me want to decorate one right now. That would be a fun girls night. And when I have some grandkids (in about 10 years from now), they are going to be rotten. Cause we’re makin Valentines boxes. The funny thing is I always had this huge box but, there were only 24 kids in my class. We all got the same amount of cards so no one was ever left out. I guess I thought someone would give me more than one. I thought I was special lol. Oh and before I forget, my favorite Valentines Day cards were the ones with CareBears on them and they had a heart shaped sucker stUck through the middle. What was your favorite one?

Fast forward a few years to our middle school years. By this time most of us had a boyfriend or girlfriend around Valentines Day. And if you didn’t you would find one. You know, nobody should not be “in love” on Valentines Day. I had a friend who literally decided to “go” with a boy just to get something for Valentine’s. (That’s what we called middle school dating, “I’m going with him”). She “dumped” him right afterwards. She got her gift and put him to the curb. Terrible person lol. We didn’t do our card boxes in middle school. We probably should have, it would have kept us from growing up too soon. The thing for middle school was sending a rose. I believe the yearbook committee came up with this idea. They had a long stem rose with a valentine tag on it. You could buy a rose and have your personal message printed on the tag it was then personally delivered to the person that you were “going” with. Girls could even but them for the boys. Now I didn’t get my hopes up to get a ton here. But, I did get one. I had the same little boyfriend in middle school. His name was Brandon and he sent me a rose. It was sweet. Did you get flowers from your middle school boyfriend or girlfriend? What was the in “thing” to give for Valentines during your middle school years? I just love hearing everyone memories.

By the time we got to high school and college it because more adult with the normal dinner, flowers, jewelry, etc. It wasn’t as much fun to me. I preferred the more exciting, meaningful days of elementary and middle school. Today as an older adult, I have to say that my husband does pretty well. Of course we go to dinner (because like I said I love going out to dinner) but, he is pretty thoughtful . I am not a flowers person, except for calla lilies and daisies, so I appreciate that he doesn’t send them to me. I do however have a small obsession with Bath and Body Works and I get a basket every year. I actually had one tonight when I got home. He is also the kind of person that will watch me for a bit when we are out to see what I am wanting to purchase but wont because I just don’t typically buy for myself. He’s pretty great. A few weeks ago we were at an antique store (imagine that) and I found a set of retro dishes that I wanted so much. I walked away and I really regretted it but figured when I go back, if they were still there, then it was meant to be and I would purchase them. Tonight when I walked through the door after opening my good smelling Bath and Body he had wrapped small item for me. It was the cup to my set of dishes. The rest were in a box in the floor. Y’all I almost cried. They weren’t expensive. Just about $35.00 but, I wanted them so badly. I am the gal that will wash these babies and use them for dinner. Super exciting. Yes, I posted a picture below for you to enjoy my beautiful new/old dishes.

What is your favorite Valentines memory? What was your favorite type of card, bunch of flowers, or gift? Think back to when you were little. What did you enjoy most about celebrating Valentine’s Day? This year I just encourage you to find someone you love, your spouse, your significant other, your dog, your children, and celebrate with them. Make something homemade. Make memories especially with your kids. They will never forget it. I know that I never have. Please comment your favorite memories. We love to hear about each other’s positive. Have a wonderful night and enjoy your Friday tomorrow. ❤️Always

Oh I just love this!
My great retro dishes. Best gift ever !!!!!

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