Play it loud

Good evening and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Woohoo it’s my favorite day of the week. The day I look forward to. The day that causes me to “wish my life away” wanting it to get here. My little mamaw would get on to me for that. “Don’t wish your life away” I can hear her say lol. I can’t help it really. Friday’s just make me want to dance and sing with a big huge smile on my face. Speaking of that what kind of influence does your music have on you? Are there songs, people, bands, genres that you listen to that just make you happy? Isn’t it funny how one little song can bring back memories (good or bad) from the past. I truly can’t begin to explain what an impact music has on my life. I listen to music all day, every day. Do you?

Now y’all know that I am the retro queen but as far as music I love me some 80’s music. It’s the nostalgia. It brings back memories of being at home with my momma and daddy and my 3 siblings. I got some good 70’s music exposure with my brother. He is the oldest and his young years were filled with Ted Nugent, Jon Waite, Air Supply, and Chicago. I know that’s all over the board but he had records galore and we (my little sister and I) would sneak and listen to them on his big stereo system in his room. I mean two little stragle haired girls jumping around dancing to “Cat Scratch Fever”. It was a sight to behold lol. 80’s music is still my go to. That and folk or progressive bluegrass. Some days I even lean to my contemporary Christian music.

Are there certain songs that bring back tons of memories for you? Man there are so many for me. When my son was a baby, probably until age 4, I would sing him to sleep. I would cuddle him up in my papaws old rocking chair and sing to him until he drifted off. “Baby Mine” was his favorite song. I leaned this song through watching the movie “Beaches”. I love Bette Midler’s voice and I love that movie. I must have sang that song 10,000 times over the years. So much that Walker would say “sing baby mine momma”. Just talking about it brings me to tears. Not because it’s sad but, because my son is now an adult and I can’t grab him up and rock him to sleep anymore. James Taylor’s “The Water Is Wide” was another one I sang to him every day. He would always chime in and sing “and both shall row, my love and i”. It was so sweet coming out of a little 2 year olds mouth. He has grown to love music as much as I do. He played trombone in the middle and high school band and I feel that those who can read the music understand the words a little better. He love what he calls “old country” which absolutely fits his sweet old soul. Hop into his truck with him and I guarantee that you will hear George Jones, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, or Conway Twitty. That child. I swear he is my daddy made over. What great memories.

I want to encourage you to find some music that you love this weekend and just turn it up. In your car. In your kitchen. In the shower. Anywhere. Turn it up. Grab your babies or your friend, or your spouse, or even a sibling and dance. Laugh and sing. Sing as loud as you can and don’t worry about the words. The best part is when you sing the wrong words anyway. I promise it will bring a smile to your face and it will bring happiness to your heart. Fellas grab your wife or your momma’s and swing them around the room to one of their favorite song. You will give them a memory they will never ever forget. Moments like this are priceless and in the busy time that we live in it’s such a huge blessing. It’s personal. Turn it up and dance. Happy happy weekend. I wish you many joys and tons of dances. ❤️ Always

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