Hi y’all and happy Sunday. I hope your day has been great. It has been just beautiful here today. Sunny and 87 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Wanna talk about a word. Defeat. What a terrible word. Have you ever been defeated? That feeling of things not turning out the way you wanted them to. The build up of wanting something so badly and then boom, it doesn’t work out. Not performing to the standard that you set for yourself. It bums you out a little doesn’t it? You give it your all but then you fall short. I don’t believe there is feeling much worse than defeat.

Of course we know the negatives but, is there positive to this word. When you sit back and think about it, I sure believe so. If you were running a race and you gave it your all, then who did you beat? You beat yourself. You beat that little voice of doubt in your mind. You beat everyone else that didn’t enter the race. The person that finished in front of you tried just as hard as you did. They gave all the effort that you did. Be happy for those that win and continue to strive yourself. There’s always something to learn from those who do better than you. Challenge yourself to find those lessons. It’s okay (more than okay in my opinion) to not get a “participation trophy”. Besides if everyone gets one then what did the winner really win? Just give me the shirt for participation lol. Leave the trophies to the ones as fast as lightning (I am a turtle lol).

Have you ever been out to dinner at a restaurant that was suggested to you by a friend? You go there because he\she gave it rave reviews. Now if your like me, you’ve watched what you’ve eaten all day long so that you can eat until your hearts content and not get full too quickly. I mean this is suppose to be the best meal you’ve eaten in a very long time according to your friend. You look at the menu on line all day and plan what you want. The full gammon. I mean cocktails, appetizers, your meal, tons of bread and dessert. Now no judgement from you! I like to eat like that when I am going out for the best meal I’ve ever had. Now imagine you get there and the atmosphere is perfect. The service is superb and the place smells devine. You orider that entree that your mouth watered for all day. You take your first bite and “defeat”! I mean you could have gotten a better tasting meal at a drive thru. Some say that is called disappointment but, if I’ve spent my whole day starving myself and gotten that excited believe me brothers and sisters, that’s defeat. So from that you learned not to go there and eat again lol. Or maybe ask the server or chef their suggested dish. Maybe you just picked the wrong one.

Now to today….. When I was a little girl my daddy put out a garden in our back yard. I mean a full on, rototiller garden. It seemed that we harvested a ton of veggies out if that yard every year. We literally had the makings of a farmers market right in our back yard. For that last 3 years I have put 2 raised beds in my back yard. They do okay. Literally just okay. I get some harvest but not what I was expecting (defeated). My daddy has been gone for 7 years. In my heart I know he has a 10 mile garden in heaven right over top of his hunting preserve. I see him carrying his harvest of meat and vegetables to the Lords table every day. And I’m sure they sit there and eat until they are stuffed. All while drinking their RC Cola. (Now that is heaven for my daddy). Back to the story. Last year we had a flash flood in our area. I have a beautiful creek that runs at the back of my yard. We live on an acre so it’s a good ways from the house. But, it wasn’t to far away from my raised beds. Right in front of my eyes the water took my beds, plants and all, right down stream. I literally cried. I worked so hard in that garden. Y’all I even shoveled horse poop in there lol. Defeated.

This year my momma decided that I should put my garden in her back yard where daddy always planted theirs. I spent the last two days rototilling that ground and planting plants. That ground that hasn’t been tilled in probably 11 years. It was hard as a brick. My husband is always my biggest supporter, but today he had some doubts. You see the gas powered tiller quit so I decided to use a smaller, electric tiller, that my sister and I bought for our little raised beds. Both my son and my husband made comments that it wouldn’t work. Can y’all say determination! By George I did it. I tilled that yard with that electric tiller. There are vegetables of all kinds planted in that garden and ready to grow. In my heart I think my daddy was looking down with a little pride. And mom is pretty excited about it. UNDEFEATED!!!! Yes, yes. Undefeated people. I came home and stuck my tongue out at my husband lol. I think secretly he was proud too. Oh, and my son who doubted his old momma came by and brought me some sunscreen on his way to work. I think he was a little proud too.

End result: defeat is just a word. Those little bumps in the road make it so worth it when you finish what you started. Lessons are more important that the win sometimes. All the little defeats make you strong and smarter. It’s all in the way you look at things. It’s really up to you. In the end you are UNDEFEATED. I hope that you stay undefeated all week. Remember you can handle any ole thing that this week throws at you. Have a blessed Sunday evening. ❤️Always.

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