They grow up

Hello lovely friends. I hope your summer is going beautifully. Mine sure is. June and July just happen to be two of my very favorite months. Yes, because it’s summer but, more so because two of the most important people in my life celebrate their birthdays. My son was born in June and my husband in July. It makes for great birthday parties in the middle of summer. I can’t say that big fat and pregnant in the middle of the heat was much fun but, it sure was worth it. It’s hard to believe that 19 years ago last month I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now and my little blessing was born. Isn’t it funny how time just flies by when you don’t want it to. Oh how I wish my 6’3” boy was still the little baby that I use to rock to sleep every night. Don’t wish your life away people.

You know those days when youre sitting at work and you are just ready to go home? If you are like me, you sit there thinking about what all you could be doing at home. I have no clue why my mind works that way but it sure does. Especially if my work day isn’t slammed. Most people don’t say this, but I would prefer it be so busy at work that I forget to go to the restroom lol. It makes my day go by faster. On the other hand those slow days seem to make a 10 hour day seem like it’s 965 hours long. I like to get it over with. I mean after all we’re working to pay the bills right? Well……the other day I was sitting there, going crazy because I was all caught up on my work, and wishing it were 5 pm. I realized a few things. While I’m sitting here wishing it were over there are folks out there that would just wish to have my job. I don’t know if I ever told you all what I do but, I work for a life insurance and investment company. I am not an agent but I take care of all of the ins and outs of the office and handle all of the death claims. Y’all, I love it! I know you are saying “death claims and you love it!” Yes, yes I do. This is why. When a person passes away and he or she have a life insurance policy the families come to me. Number one, I get to have interaction with family members who are (95 percent of the time) heartbroken. These folks allow me to listen and I’m able to love on them. That’s right up my alley. Do I feel sorry for them? Always! Do I cry with them? Most of the time. Second, and here’s the biggie, I get to hand those beneficiaries a check. Their loved one cared enough about them to make sure that their final expenses (and they ain’t cheap people) are paid and in a lot of cases, leave a legacy. That is why I love my job. A daughter looses her sweet daddy. She walks in to my office and after being able to listen, I hand her a check that covers not only his funeral bill but pays off her debt and allows her to put money in the bank for her son’s college tuition! Talk about leaving a legacy. Folks if you don’t have life insurance go now, run, go get it. Leave your loved ones well. Life insurance isn’t for you. It’s for the ones you leave behind. It’s a legacy.

Back to wishing my day was over. Not only do people wish for the job that I have, I realized that I not only am I being a negative nelly I was also wishing my life away. Guys, we shouldn’t do that. Time goes by quickly enough without wanted it to go by any faster. That being said I’m trying to savor every second. Even the slow bad ones. For me it’s learning how to make the best of idle time. I clean and “straighten up” a good bit (my grandmother called cleaning, straightening up). I also journal and take a quick walk outside as needed. Find something to do to occupy that down time so that you aren’t wishing your life away. Grab a box of cards and write a note or two to someone you haven’t connected with in a while. It will make their day to receive a compliment or a thinking of you in the mail. And yes I mean real mail. Stamps, paper, pencil. Texts and emails are too impersonal.

Talking about time slipping by so quickly let’s get back to the title of today’s blog. They grow up! Boy do they. I spend a lot of time with my momma. Especially the last 7 years after daddy died. I think my siblings and I just sort of made a pact to not let momma feel alone. For the last several months I’ve been cleaning out the house next door to my parents which they own. Now remember, daddy was a collector (a hoarder might be a better word). I’ve had at least 2 days or evenings a week with momma. I make her sit on the porch swing and dictate what needs to be thrown away, what goes to the antique booth, what needs to be put in a yard sale, and what she just has to keep. It has been a special time for her and I. I just think it’s made us closer. We’ve laughed and cried and wondered what in the hell daddy was thinking keeping such things. Maybe that’s why he did it. To bring us closer and to keep her busy after he died. Who knows. I just know that my heart ached yesterday as she said that we all grew up so fast and that she looked forward to my time there. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a go getter. She doesn’t sit at home, but she misses her babies. I can’t tell. We grew up. Go set some time to do something with your momma and daddy if you haven’t. They miss their baby and believe me it’s no fun when they are gone. Go love on them and do it today.

My sweet 19 year old baby has grown up so quickly. As I said earlier I am enjoying every single phase of his life and I feel like I couldn’t ever love a human as much as I love him. I thank God every single day for the time I have with him, although it’s getting less and less. They grow up. They need you less. Isn’t that what you’ve been preparing them for all along. I know this boy of mine is just loaned to me for a period of time but, the momma in me never ever leaves. Love on your babies and the people that you love. Savor every second. They grow up. Time marches on by. Don’t regret one second of it. Who you gonna love in today? Think about it. ❤️Always.

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