I’m out..and that’s okay

Good Thursday night all. We’ve almost made it to the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. This week has been full of just “stuff”. Enough busyness going on to leave me exhausted mentally and physically. I’m sure that you all experience that from time to time. It makes you look forward to a little down time. We wish our life away by looking forward to the weekends but, for me, sometimes my weekends are busier than my work week. This week will be no less than that. Life is so good and I’m so blessed but man I get tired.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a million things on your plate to do that it effects almost every aspect of your day. I am what you call a planner. I plan everything. I mean everything. I carry a day planner with me every day and if you looked at it you might just think I am a little crazy. You might be right. It may appear that I am very organized if you flip through the pages of that day planner when really I am naturally the opposite. I have a tendency to forget things. If I don’t have things written down in front of me I certainly will forget. Most of you know that I make cakes and cupcakes. It’s a hobby and a love, not a job. People order from me often because I don’t over change, I deliver locally, and well, I’m not bragging, but they are really good. Several months ago I was sitting at my “real” job when I get t text message from my cousin that says “I am in town, what time can I meet you to pick up the cupcakes”. That’s not an odd text. In fact I get texts like that most every day. The problem is, I forgot to make them! You see, I didn’t write it down in my planner which meant as soon as I talked to her about it two weeks prior, I gave it not one more thought. I was sitting there in a huge panic. Thankfully she was my cousin and didn’t actually “need” them until the next night. From that day forward, my big 8X10 planner went everywhere I went. On the outside some of us may seem like we have it all together when really there’s been a huge mess up that has caused us embarrassment which made us do things a little better from that point forward. Check on your friends that seem to be planners and organized…….we are not okay lol!

I am now and have always been a gal who doesn’t like idle time. My down time is literally about 30 minutes in the later evening whenI sit and blog, read, listen to records, or diamond paint (if you haven’t diamond painted before give it a try. It’s cheap and fun and just so relaxing. The finished product is also beautiful.). For me it is a mental healer to stay busy. I hit the floor running every single day and I don’t regret a single second of it except for when I get exhausted. Yes, I get completely mentally, and physically exhausted. Often we get so busy that we keep ourselves awake at night thinking about what all we did or need to do. Do you do that? I do too. And we need to STOP IT. My brain has a hamster that won’t get out of the wheel at about 3 am and it is ridiculous. A few weeks ago I read an article about what a toll not sleeping has on your body. “Your body needs a minimum of 6.5 hours of sleep to simply function. 4 of those hours need to be deep sleep”. I mean for real???? I am lucky to get 4 hours total. Forget deep sleep. I could hear a piece of hair hitting the floor when I’m trying to sleep. 6.5 hours of sleep…..In my dreams (no pun intended). Seriously though, it’s nothing to joke about. Not sleeping enough can cause a rise in blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation. That’s just 3 of the side effects. Reading on it explained to link between sleep deprivation and hair loss, weight gain, lazy gut, heart palpitations and so much more. I mean, at this point I outta be in pretty bad shape. SOOOOOO what’s the solution. I don’t have one lol. I can tell you what helps me is to write before I go to sleep. Get all of those ideas, thoughts, anxieties, and worries down on a piece of paper. If I get it out it keeps me from thinking about it at 3 am. Now you could also take a sleep aide but, you also know that I do not like medication so get you a notebook and a good pencil. It will make you feel better.

This week has probably been one of the mentally busiest Ive had in a while. Earlier I told you I hit the ground running every day. Well that lovelies, is the honest truth. And I go until bed time. I get so excited about my planning and checking todo’s off my list. It’s very fulfilling. Then all of the sudden, just as heavy as Thor’s hammer, BAM! Exhaustion. Y’all its good to work. It’s important to be productive. It’s satisfying to mark off the to do’s. However; it’s also extremely important to rest. And P.S. don’t feel one ounce bad about it. Tonight my body said “old gal this body is tired and you are finished”. After dinner, I was sitting talking to my sweet husband when I just couldn’t hold my thoughts together. Immediate brain fog and it was like I had amnesia. I couldn’t remember a single thing that I needed to do. With that I looked at my hubby and said “okay I’m out, and that’s okay”. He looked at me and just said “absolutely, go get comfortable and get some sleep”.

What I wanted to drive home with tonight’s post is, if “you’re out, its okay”. Don’t allow yourself to be so busy that you completely exhaust yourself. Besides, you cant do good and take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. Your body is your temple. Protect it and rest it so that it will perform the way you need it to. It’s okay to sleep, take a break and relax when your precious body says “nay, nay we aren’t doin this no more”. So for tonight, before 8:30 pm, I’m out and that’s okay. Have a wonderfully blessed evening. Take a moment and write those thoughts down so they don’t wake you up. Grab your cozies and curl up. It’s okay to rest. Love, Always

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