But, we do judge a book by its cover!

Oh happy day…..It is Friday! Woohoo bring on the weekend with hopefully no alarm clocks for us all. There’s nothing like not hearing my phone ping at 5:30 am. For tomorrow I will sleep in lol. Wishful thinking as I never do. It’s the thought of no alarm that counts. It’s those little things that I appreciate so much.

Every week day I spend my time with a bunch of fellas who help folks leave a legacy by providing financial planning through investments and life insurance. I spend about 8 hours with them every single day. Is it the truth that we spend almost more time with our work family then we do with our families at home. Count the sleep time and I promise your coworkers may know you more than the loved ones at home. Today I was talking with one of the fellas and I realized a little something. Even though I try really very hard not to, I do often judge a book by its cover. I used an example of a salesmen in my discussion. This about this (or “picture it, Sicily 1922 lol. Just kidding its not a golden girls story), a gentlemen walks in to a car dealership to purchase an automobile. He’s very well dressed, clean shaven, and smells of the latest cologne trend which he thinks makes him smell like money. All the salesmen want to take care of the guy. I mean they are bound to sell him the nicest car on the lot. After all he would look just perfect it in. He would “fit” the bill to drive the ultra expensive car. The salesman takes him on a test drive and he’s certain that in about an hour (or 7 if you live around here. Our dealerships are slow as molasses”) he’s gonna get a good commission check in his pocket. They go to the office and the games begin,

Now imagine the same day, same group of salesmen. Same car lot. A little old beards man walks in wearing bibbed overalls. His hair is down his back and his beard is yellow from all the cigarettes he smoked. He smells of heat and dirt and a little cow manure. They salesmen hang out in the cool while the little man walks around the lot looking for a truck. As he starts to walk toward the building, the salesmen disappear as quickly as possible and the 3 that are left draw straws to see who the unlucky one is that gets to help the little smelly man. In their eyes, he gonna be a waste of time. Even if he finds a truck it will have to be the cheapest one on the lot and it probably wont even be a sale. The lone salesman takes his for a test drive in a big dual wheel truck then basically tells the poor fella that he probably cant afford it.

Skip ahead a bit. You’ve got two gentlemen sitting in two offices trying to make a “deal”. (By the way, new cars are never a deal. They are gonna rip you off a little). Mr. “I look like I got it all” in one room and Mr. “I work hard for a living” in another. Do you know where this story is headed? I’m pretty sure you do but, I’m gonna tell you anyway. After a ton of time and wheeling and dealing Mr. perfect leaves with his head low. No vehicle, no commission. He was loaded with debt and can barely make his bills. He’s a month behind on everything. He’s currently in a lease that he cant get out of and it’s about to get ugly when the payment triples in a month. The salesman is floored and is defeated.

Next door, the salesman who always gets the unwanted customers and who drew the short straw is talking to the little stinky man. He’s in awe of what he is learning from him. The little fella is a book of knowledge about almost everything. He even negotiates a price that is a little more fair with the salesman. When the salesman says “now your old truck out there will only get you about $2000.00 of trade in value”, the little man just simply says “I never told you I was trading my old truck in. I will be keeping it”. After a ton of trips back and forth negotiating the price,the salesman gets all of the paperwork out for the financing. The little man stands up and gets an envelope out of his pocket. He proceeds to pay the salesman in cash. Not only that, he leaves his new truck in the parking lot until the next day when he can get his wife of 50 years to bring him back to pick it up. And by the way, he bought the brand new, 4 door, dual wheel truck.

And here’s the rest of the story. How many time are you the salesman racing to the individual that you “think” has it all. How many times are you making time to personally get to know the ones that appear to be less fortunate. Not everything is how it appears on the outside. That person that walks in for the interview that doesn’t “fit the bill” may end up being the best employee that you’ve ever had. That little man that appears to have nothing is probably one of the smartest people you’ve ever met and he’s probably got envelopes of money hiding all around his house. That man that appears to have it all may not have it together one little bit. On the outside people “appear” to be something when truly they are just who they are on the inside. So, don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because a persons path isn’t the same as yours doesn’t mean it is wrong. We all put our pants on the same way every day. Some pants are hand me downs and some are fresh pressed and bought at the fancy department store but, they all go on the same way. Don’t be a judgin. That little smelly man knows more that you or I will ever learn. Have a great weekend. Many blessings ❤️ Always.

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