It’s a date!

Woohoo its the weekend. The favorite part of my week. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. I am lucky enough to be able to have weekends free and clear with my family. My husband in particular. It’s nice that he works the same hours as I do. Now I wont say it’s uninterrupted time. Between my other side hustles and his band we stay pretty crazy. So much so that a couple of months back I looked over at him and realized we weren’t spending as much time together as I thought we needed. We talked about it and he agreed. So we made a plan. Before I go into it I just want to say ahead of time that it has been the absolute best thing that we as a couple have ever done. Talk about a reset. A chance to fall in love all over again in a different period of our life (yes we are getting old). You should give this a try with your significant other. It will bless you beyond measure. I truly never thought I could feel like a teenage that goes on a date ever again but, I do. And he does too.

Several month back my little sister and her new fiancé, which we love big, ordered a date night book. The book came with a scrapbook where you take photos of your dates and paste them in. Each page has a scratch off date idea. So you have no clue what you are getting. Guys, I laughed at those two ever time they would do one. It looked like so much fun. Some of the dates were absolutely hilarious and others more romantic. I couldn’t wait to hear about their dates. She and I are super close, she’s my best friend really, and she would send me photos along the dates and I would just be so jealous and so happy that she was living this fun. I don’t want to give them all away in case some of you have his particular date book but one was for them to go to a thrift store and pick out an outfit for each other to wear to dinner. Oh my goodness. I prayed for Matt (her fiancé) to buy her an outfit straight outta little house on the prairie. Bonnet and all blahhaha! You can see that I would be very mean when it came to this date but,,,,,,, him being the nice guy that he was, bought something that I wouldn’t care to wear any ole day. The wore it to a fancy restaurant and had a great laugh as they ate their dinner.

One evening on our run I talked to my little about that book. Y’all, its pretty pricey. It does however include a camera and the scrapbook. The camera is a tiny Polaroid which is just nostalgic enough for me to love it of course. After getting home from our run I had discussion with my husband about the expense of the product and decided, for us, it wasn’t worth it. Each time after this point that they went on a “date” I just couldn’t wait to hear about their experience. It was exciting to me and I wasn’t even the one participating. So kudos to the folks that came up with this idea. You’ve got my vote for best idea since sliced bread lol.

Jump forward several months. Like I said earlier we are busy people. I mean pedal to the metal every day. So late one evening while sitting in our living room, I looked over at my husband, my best friend, and realized I was beginning to get to comfortable with seeing him a few exhausting minutes every night. It just had no meaning. I needed more. Once we talked, so did he. Communication people. You gotta have it. Please don’t get me wrong. I am madly in love with my husband. I still get butterflies when he stops by my office to deliver a package. He still makes all other men look like a big blur. I guess I’m just lucky that way. Still, I needed more. We were becoming old and very comfortable with time spent apart and busy. We opted not to buy the version of date night that my sister and her feller bought because I would rather spend my extra monies on dinners out and vacations. We are planners and savers for special things. After a ton of Pinterest looking I decided to make a date night box on my own. I consulted my hubby for tons of input. I put date ideas in there that we both loved as well as ones that were more important to the other one. My husband wasn’t too happy about the thrift store idea or the pottery painting but its in there. I wasn’t as keen as a night in where he played the drums and I sang (not that I don’t like it but that’s normal for us). We’ve vowed to have a date a week. And for a month and a half now we have succeeded.

Ready to jump in and start dating your special someone again? Buy the date book or if you are a cheapo like me here’s what I did. Feel free to copy my idea. I went to the dollar tree and purchased a good sized box. I also bought colored index cards which I cut in to strips. On each strip I wrote the date ideas that we had. Talking about what to put in the box was sort of like a date in itself. Hint, put the ones in there that the opposite person isn’t too keen on. Put ones in that you don’t particularly care for as well. It’s part of give and take. Mix them up really well. Each Wednesday evening my husband scrambles the folded papers round and picks our date for the week. This gives us a few days to prepare. Put some overnight stay dates in there as well. We haven’t drawn one of those yet but when we do, we will plan a nights stay for a few weeks out and draw another date for that week. And I must also say that he hasn’t drawn one of the dreaded ones that he didn’t want yet. I think he secretly went through and removed to potter and thrift store one lol.

I cant explain how great this has been for us. It is so much fun and I swear my husband loves it more than me. If you are unsure of ideas I will list a few of ours but you can always google date ideas or use your go to Pinterest. There are tons of ideas. And don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of extra funds to go around. There are plethoras of very cheap or even free dates. And you can do them once a month, a quarter, or even weekly. Depending on how much time you have. No excuses. There’s a little bit for everyone.

Here are some quick ideas: Go for a picnic in a park. Go out for a night of dancing. Get dressed up and go to dinner. Go to a play. Go to dinner and the movies. Go paint pottery (eeeek). Make dinner together. Cook an international dinner. Make a ice cream sundae bar. Make a fire pit and s’mores. Go to the thrift store and buy each other outfits to wear to dinner (my favorite idea except really do it. I mean they have Christmas sweaters that you can make your soulmate wear in the middle of summer or even Elvis costumes lol). Rent a convertible and go for a long drive. Jump in and have fun. We certainly have. ❤️ Always.

Our long drive with the top and doors off. Look at that precious smile!
Never too old for a brewery with games!

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