Good evening everyone and Happy Sunday evening. Did this weekend fly by or what? The older I get the more that I appreciate the time that I get with my family and away from my hectic workweeks. I try not to wish my life away but, boy do I crave Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Speaking of that, I just wanted to make this blog about being appreciative for the things that we have. I think we should all take time to realize how blessed we are. When you think about it, how lucky are we to have all that we do.

Materials. Are you a “material girl” or guy? Oh, I love that Madonna song “because we’re living in a material world and I am a material girl”. You know I’m always gonna reference my 80’s. But think about that. We truly are living in a “material” world. When I think back to just my grandparents and their way of living I believe that most of us couldn’t live like that. They lived outside of town so instead of wasting gas they went to the grocery store once per week. They made a shopping list and stuck to it. They didn’t buy vegetables because they had a garden in their yard. They bought enough groceries for the week because they cooked every day. Going out to dinner was a special occasion and a treat. Let’s not get started on their modest home. Land was more important than the house that sat on it. Their vehicles were paid for (typically they only owned one because she was a housewife). There were no car loans and the vehicle was well driven and very well maintained. Nice clothes were purchased to wear out to church or for that special dinner. You put your “work clothes” on when you were at the house. They went on vacation every year, yes, but they went once a year and it was special. They saved money during the year for that time away. It was something they looked forward to not something that they were “use” to. Now I know things cost a lot less back then but, wages were a lot smaller back then as well. Momma’s stayed home because there weren’t day cares. There were nannies that could be hired but their reason was why? Why would momma go to work to just use all of her pay for someone else to raise her babies? I know that all seems so ancient especially to you young ones. Honestly this was my grandparents and they have only been gone for about 11 years. Just about 65 years ago, which is just the blink of an eye.

Here’s and example of what I mean. I’m talking about me now. This is an example of my week. I work 3 jobs (yes i said 3). I have a full time job and two part time ones. I get up at 5 am so that I have time to work out and typically work one of the part time jobs before my real one starts. I work my regular job 40 plus house a week and then I come home to my wonderful husband and son. I work on the other job in the evening and weekends. We watch television on one of the 4 that we have in our home with more cable channels then we will ever have time to watch. We all have our iPhone’s because Lord help if we aren’t “connected”. My husband and son both work their tails off at their jobs as well so no I’m not the “bread winner”. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining as I do not like idle time, I come home to Amazon packages. I go to the nail salon every 3 weeks. We go to dinner 2 times a week and we plan 2 vacations every year. I don’t put on my work clothes in fact I have more clothes than I will ever need. And my car is only 2 years old. Y’all I never thought of myself as a “material girl” until I wrote this blog. Wow. I mean wow. So here’s what I want us all to understand. This world has made it so easy to have “things”. “Things” are okay. But, how lucky are we? I mean how long has it been since you’ve sat back and looked at all that you have and just been appreciative? I’m talking to me too. Have we actually looked at the blessing that we have?

I know that we are all so busy. Life is hectic and we are being pulled every direction it seems. But, if you haven’t, I want you to take a few minutes to do something. Go for a little drive in your car. This week I drove to my momma’s and what triggered me to write this post is a few things that I saw. She lives in our downtown area which is about 15 minutes from my house. In those mere 15 minutes I saw things that made my heart just sink. In those moments, on purpose, I was looking for the bad. I was trying to see the sadness that exists in my area. I know that sounds strange but sometimes I think it’s necessary to get our heads out of our tails to see things that we may not ordinarily see. We have a homeless situation in our down town area that seems to be spreading more and more. I can remember as a child never seeing anyone on the streets in our town. Maybe it was there and I just didn’t pay attention. All I know is that, at that moment, on my way to my momma’s, I ended up in tears and praying so hard. Praying in thanksgiving for the roof over my head, for having a full tummy, a warm house, mental and physical health. Y’all I was, and am, so appreciative. I needed to see the sad in order to make me appreciate all that I have. You just never realize all that you have until you look at the poor souls that have nothing. So the next time you are down and feel like you have it bad, get in the car and drive to an area that struggles. I will hot you like a to of brick. Pray for those folks. If you can, help. Bring clothing that you no longer use. Bring shoes and socks, gloves and coats. Bring food. Whatever you can do. In the end we are probably all just a few paychecks away from a hard situation so don’t judge. And remember, there are people out there that would give anything for the life you live. I hope you all have a wonderful night and a great week ahead. ❤️Always.

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